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Updated Gumby

by sbkspyder


So this is an update to my Gumby Build.

I have added a new video card (GTX 970) and fan controller (NZXT Sentry LX) to the mix. I have also added to 23 inch Acer IPS monitors and a cheap Cyber Acoustics speaker setup . I couldn't be happier with the end result. While this so supposed to be a pretty strict work build, it has some major power for a gaming build. I am loving the 970. Haven't had a game I've played give it a bad time. All games run on Ultra with (Or whatever the highest settings available). So far I've played Diablo 3, CS:GO, WoW, BF4, Skyrim, Cities Skylines, Planetside 2 and Test Drive Unlimited 2. None of these games have made the card flinch. All run at 60+. Have a 3DMark score of 9093 on Fire Strike.

I will get around to doing another review of the hardware now that I have been able to test it for a while. Gotta find time but I am happy with this build and hopefully wont have to do much besides add another GPU and maybe some ram for my VMs.

P.S. - Will try to get some updated pictures of the guts and stuff. The pics being displayed are from when I first installed everything prior to GPU/Fan Controller.

Part Reviews


This thing is a beast. It handles everything thrown at it, complements the GPU quite well and just is great. I have it set at 4.7 right now (4.9 didn't quite want to stay stable so I left it at 4.7). I am happy that I went with it and will be sticking with AMD in the future as long as I can look forward to this type of performance.

Only gripe I had with it is that it came with 4.9 stock. I had quite a few random restarts and blue screens at that level and wasn't sure why. Finally, after lowering it down to 4.7 I was able to realize that it was just clocked wrong. Will try bumping it back up later on but for now it will stay at 4.7 as it works great there anyway.

CPU Cooler

This thing is great. It keeps the CPU cool, isn't too loud and just does it's job without any problems. I plan on upgrading to the h100 if I grab a new case but only due to the need to want to get this thing as cold as ice. Setup was pretty easy (Once I stopped ignoring the fan directions). Loved that it comes with plates from both AMD and Intel so that I can throw this on something else if the need arises.

Thermal Compound

Didn't even get to use the stuff as the cooler already had a layer of paste on it but knowing from previous experience, this stuff gets the job done! Nothing else to really say about it.


This has to be one of my favorite parts of the build. It just looks tough, has a great BIOS and I love that I can flash things at the push of a button or load the BIOS at the push of a button. Very heavy duty and makes the insides look pretty. The USB 3.0 slots are a bit picky at times and gave me quite a few problems when trying boot from my thumb drive which is the only reason why it gets 4 instead of 5.


More than enough for what I needed but I still plan to add more for my VMs. Looks good inside the case but I still wish I could have found some in green to match the color scheme. I love Corsair so this was a must have.


This is a pretty good SSD for the price. I hate that I wasn't a bit more patient or else I would have been able to jump on some of these 256 or 512 deals I keep seeing pop up for a couple dollars more but this one gets the job done. Loading is right at 6 seconds from power button push to desktop screen (With login disabled for testing).


Like this drive. It's quite well for its use but I will certainly be upgrading to get some more space. Almost filled this thing up already. With the deals popping up I now see that I could have gotten a 3TB for a bit more of the price but I will not punish this for my impatience.

Video Card

Love this thing. Absolutely love it! I originally had a GT 740 and while it worked, I knew it wouldn't hold up over time. I changed it out to a XFX 280X and loved that too but I wanted to be pretty future proof and knew I had to get more. I ended up getting this after having Best Buy price match it at about 319. Traded in the 280X (Which was 219) and bought this after paying the difference. It is great. 9093 3DMark score on Fire Strike. Have dual monitor setup right now with another cord hooked up to my 55 inch for watching movies.


I like this case but the cable management options aren't too great and it was built in a funny way where the HD bays are put in with the fins kind of sticking out from the hardware-less sliders. Also, the side window has slits in it that are proving to be a problem now with my cats rubbing their tales past it and messing with the fans. The front part comes off too easy as well. Don't get me wrong, it is a great case but it is far from top of the line. I will be upgrading from this later but will surely be keeping this for a lower end build.

Power Supply

It does what it does. I wish it came with slightly longer cables but that is nothing to really penalize it for. It is good, quiet and fits in with the case. If I decide to get another GPU I might have to toss this into another build.

Case Fan

Love these things as far as the look goes but they are a bit wobbly when the get up there. Plan on getting higher quality fans but will surely be keeping these.

Fan Controller

I like this controller but it took a bit of time to get it to stick with the settings after a restart. Another problem I seem to be running in to is that it will not let me put any fan over 1100 RPMS. I would like to be able to get them a little higher when the situation calls for it. It puts about 2 fans at 1100 and the other 2 go in and out of 800 to 1000 when they feel like it. I will be browsing around the manual and website to see if there is a fix to this. I like that I am able to change the speeds up to where they are at though. Also love the temp alarm that sounds off if it gets too high.

I would suggest this to anyone looking to control their fan speeds. It is not the greatest but it is pretty neat. Love the build in clock too.


Great monitors. They are very bright and very good with all of my games. I cannot find one problem with them so far. I bought 2 cheap Element monitors and just hated them. Found these for sale at best buy and bought one. After using it for a week I ended up buying the second one. Fits on my desk perfectly, looks great and would probably have a 3rd if I had enough desk space to fit it.


They aren't the greatest in the world and I knew that going in. Found these at Office Max and they were priced right so I bought it. Will be phasing these out when I can find a good, affordable, pair of headphones but until then, these will do.

Comments Sorted by:

mlach 4 Builds 3 points 47 months ago

I think you overdid it a little with the leds ;)

DTF1129 2 Builds 2 points 47 months ago

yeah one thing i dont like is when its like a green or red themed build and the just stick a bright *** green or red led in there and it just takes away from the look, i think a modest white led is always better, imo

sbkspyder submitter 1 Build 1 point 47 months ago

The lighting coming from inside the case are all from the fans. All the lighting around the desk is an LED strip that is separate from the PC. It is actually able to change about 12 different colors and changes with sound or random switching. So yeah, I can do a modest white when I feel in the mood for it. lol.

Growliff1234 1 point 47 months ago

How do you do that ?

mlach 4 Builds 1 point 47 months ago

Meaning all the led strips on/around the desk.

Growliff1234 1 point 47 months ago

No, I agree but I kind of like it

Valiant_ 3 Builds 2 points 45 months ago

Seeing as green is my favorite color.... i approve this build although the LED's around the desk are a bit much

sbkspyder submitter 1 Build 1 point 47 months ago

Trust me, it gets worse. After I setup the first strip I loved it so much that my whole man cave is covered in it. They have a sound activated changing mode that just makes it fun as heck to game with the bass up.

mlach 4 Builds 1 point 47 months ago

I'll admit, the sound activated mode is awesome. Having it pulse with the beat is the way it's meant to be done. Hopefully though, you can turn down the brightness a bit ;)

Nexar 2 points 45 months ago

I think I know your favorite color now. Is it blue?

brok249 1 point 47 months ago

Is it possible to clean up the wires a bit more?

sbkspyder submitter 1 Build 1 point 47 months ago

That pic is from February when I first completed the build without the new monitors/gpu/fan controller. Will post updated pictures soon. Old thread was strange and stretched out so I started this one for the update.

brok249 1 point 47 months ago

Good stuff. I'm looking forward to it.

ajpinton 11 Builds 1 point 47 months ago

All that green.

GreenManta 1 point 47 months ago

is this keyboard great ?

sbkspyder submitter 1 Build 1 point 46 months ago

I love this keyboard and the mouse that comes with it. I will say that I wish it would stay lit from the second the computer is powered on. Other than that I love this thing. It has a good feel to it, doesn't take up too much space, has a good sound to it and is very bright.

GreenManta 1 point 46 months ago

thank for the reply :)

BlackBeard818 1 point 42 months ago

where did you find the price match for $319 the lowest i found was 353 on newegg

sbkspyder submitter 1 Build 1 point 41 months ago

Amazon.com. They currently have it listed for 319.42. It was not the exact same SKU as Best Buy had but they still honored it. I think it had something to do with me returning a card that cost less to buy a card that cost more, lol.

SeeingEyeHamster 1 point 41 months ago

Build glowing brighter than my future

BrassShot 1 point 3 months ago

How much did your motherboard cost?