I'm in the process of opening a vinyl wrapping/printing shop and needed a PC for my home office, and I've been wanting to switch over from console gaming for some time now, so since I just turned 30, I used my birthday as an excuse to treat myself. All I was really looking for was something that could handle light rendering and graphic design work, along with playing most modern games on Ultra at 100 fps+ at 2560x1080.

This was my first time building a PC in 16 years (last time was a weird frankencomputer made of recycled parts that I built at 14 and subsequently destroyed with insanely aggressive, untrained overclocking). I actually finished this build about a month ago, but the cable management was awful and I wasn't a big fan of the case I'd chosen. Decided to overhaul it, and since I'm a huge automotive enthusiast (and since my MOBO already had some fake carbon fiber accents) I decided to go with black/white/carbon fiber theme).

Well, it turns out that vinyl wrapping small electronic components with 4 mil cast vinyl is a lot harder than wrapping car doors. I spent probably 6 hours total wrapping things; most of that time was spent on the GPU fan shroud. I finally added an ///M Performance logo to the front. I drive a heavily modified but non-M BMW (though BMW decided to put M badging all over the inside from the factory, lol) and wanted to make it "match" my car.

All in all I wrapped:

  • GPU fan shroud
  • GPU vertical mount
  • AIO pump trim
  • AIO radiator (not over the fins, don't worry!)
  • M2 heatsink
  • Chipset heatsink/cover on MOBO (it was already carbon fiber, but I wasn't a fan of the MSI dragon logo)
  • Front I/O panel

Cable management in the O11 Dynamic was an absolute breeze, however I actually wanted to make it look as nice as possible so I spent close to 2 hours on cable managing. The cables coming from the pump were driving me nuts so I threw them in some sleeving I got from Amazon. I'm an audio engineer so the KRKs, sm58b and headphones I had laying around already, but according to my friends on discord I sound like a radio announcer, so I'm happy with it for a gaming setup!

Some notes:

  • The MSI MPG Pro Carbon mobo has been awesome for the price point so far. I've managed to achieve a stable 5.1GHz on my 9700k. I've gotten close to getting 5.2 but I'm leaving it alone for now. I've had zero issues with the board at all, and for my purposes it works great.

  • The Arctic MX-4 actually made a significant difference with core temps! With the pre-applied paste on the h100i, I was at 35-40C idle, 60-70C under load (stock clock). With the MX-4, idle temps dropped down to 28-35C and never go above 65C under load.

  • The Asus RTX 2070s Strix GAMING advanced card is an absolute beast. I regularly see boosts into 2100 and the temps just never seem to go above 50C. It's a very quiet card and the cooling it came with is absolute overkill. I haven't overclocked it yet, but I'm sure it will handle it well.


Still a total noob with PC building so it's far from perfect, but I'm extremely happy with the way everything turned out. Turns out I overshot my performance goal as well -- this thing is an absolute beast and seems to run 144 fps on nearly everything but the most demanding games and has been able to handle my graphics workload with 0 issues.

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  • 4 months ago
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The GPU looks like an Olympian vinyl wrapping challenge. I'm not that familiar with the materials but the wrap seems pretty thick for such fine details, so I imagine it must have been super tedious. Nice work!

  • 4 months ago
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Thanks! I went in feeling pretty confident but the GPU destroyed that pretty instantly! I took the shroud off completely and had to apply LOTS of heat to get the vinyl to do what I wanted. Never again lol.

  • 4 months ago
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Did you carbon wrap a MSI Pro Carbon MoBo?! Thats AWESOME! Very nice build. +1

  • 4 months ago
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I did, thank you! I actually really like the aesthetics of this MOBO, I just wasn't a fan of the dragon, so sticking with a carbon theme felt right.

  • 4 months ago
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  • 3 months ago
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do you have the two additional fans connected to your Corsair H100? (sorry im a noob at water cooling and I want to include it in my next build)

  • 2 months ago
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Sorry just saw this! Just two connected to the H100i. Corsair’s LL120 fans have two cables a piece, one PWM 4 pin cable, and one RGB cable. Here’s the wiring path for my case,

PWM wiring:

Fan 1 and Fan 2 ——-> 4 pin splitter (splitter is built into H100i) ———> H100i

Fan 3, Fan 4, Fan 5 ——-> SYSFAN headers 1-3 (you can use any open fan headers on your mobo)

H100i Pump ———> CPU fan header (some mobos also have a pump header)

RGB wiring:

Fans 1-5 ———> Corsair Lighting Hub ———-> Corsair Lighting Node ———> USB header on mobo

Now this wiring is specific to Corsair (and my build) — there are many other options. You could buy a commander pro hub if you want to control all fan speeds with iCue, or any hub if you don’t care about fan speed control in iCue specifically. You could also not use a hub at all (in my case). Or not use corsair at all. Water cooling seems intimidating but it’s really not bad and there are TONS of youtube videos and forum guides and reddit posts etc. etc.

Hope this helps, feel free to PM me if you have any more questions!

  • 1 month ago
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That case mod is sick!!! This should’ve been featured