Made this many months ago but decided to upload now.

CPU: One of the best price to performance i5's (IMO) get's the job done.

CPU cooler: Kinda cheap but works pretty well for now.

MOBO: Yes i know it's a Z97 with a non-K series CPU but it was cheap and nice.

RAM: Had these lying around and even though they are green and standard i figured it'd be better to use them instead of buying new ones plus 12 GB is more than enough for me.

SSD: Nice and fast works great.

HDD: WD blue is a good choice for mass storage.

GPU: Going to upgrade one day but for now it performs well enough and runs the games i like to play flawlessly (got it on sale for like $125 too).

Case: My favorite case of all time for sure 10/10.

PSU: Got it on sale ($45) works great (will probably upgrade eventually don't worry).


  • 45 months ago
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great build +1 Btw with 150$ i would buy a gtx 950. Anyway that was your choice. Enjoy it xD

  • 45 months ago
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Thx but i didn't pay $150 for it i got it on sale for $125 lol (im not sure how to edit the price on here).

  • 45 months ago
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Its sitting on two bar-stools ;w;