Simple, classic build with all the trimmings. 1080 Ti, m2, soundcard, fixin's.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro. good big case for all the feexin's, good cable management and easy to build.

2 front intake 140mm, 1 top exhaust 200mm (I had to drill holes larger, although I'm not everyone with this case did), radiator exhaust Idle temps: CPU: 30C GPU: 32C

I have a mousepad on top of a mousepad. That's just some of the feexins.

Soundblaster Z amp for DT990 headphones is nice. Swan M10 2.1 quality set. Sound feexin's.

NZXT Hue sits on top of drive sled and Grid fan controller is stuck to the side panel.

Ram is cl16 so would upgrade to cl14, but not sweating it.

It's a country fried steak with all these feexin's.


  • 27 months ago
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Little rough on the cable management but still doesn't take away the fact that this build is a BEAST! +1

  • 27 months ago
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Ayy thanks, a bit of loose cable in there because of the location of the Hue in the drive sled and I had to use a usb header 3.0 to 2.0 converter for the fan controller so I know what you mean and will prob tidy it up in a bit with some sleeves

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