This is my first high end gaming PC build and it is definitely worth the price and effort. Most new major games run in the range of 80-100 fps (limited by monitor [ROG Swift PG348Q Ultrawide]) on ultra settings at 3440x1440 resolution, just installing the hardware and running the game. I am waiting to run overclocking until I have a water cooling loop installed as both the CPU and GPU have been reported to get fairly warm during such testing and usage, but expect even better performance at that point. Although the two from fans that come with the case are adequate for light usage and are fairly quiet under load, they are simply not enough to cool a system of this level so I have installed three additional 140 mm fans along the top and the rear exhaust to help pull more air through the system. With out these additions, there will be enough radiant heat that you can easily feel it just being near the machine. Also on the subject of cooling, the new stock AMD CPU coolers seem to be very effective at facory settings, but again I believe that water cooling should be in place before any overclocking is attempted. Overall this is a great build that is serving me very well, and I would definitely recommend to others who are wanting to try to get on the cutting edge below the $2000 price point. This will likely be just the first steps in this build as better cooling and possibly a case upgrade are definitely in store for the future.

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I do like the bong in the back ground of the 2nd picture XD 8P