I built this PC, after I found my Syber Vapor xtreme , not OC friendly, that particular case has very limited air flow,

I wanted to stay with SFF PC, So I came across the RVZ02 and decided rebuild my PC, I have changes w.r.t to CPU cooler and RAM

Basic freq configs and testing

i5-4690k @ 4.2 Ghz (max temp on load 63C idle temp 33)

gtx 970 @1450Mhz (based on custom fan profile max temp 73c , if no custom fan profile as high as 80C,idle around 40c)

ddr3 16GB RAM 2133 Mhz

Firestrike score of 10129

Thoughts on case

Very sleek and well designed, only drawback would be lack of GPU exhaust, a blower type GPU may give temperature advantage. I am not planning to OC beyond 4.2 as of now, maybe later I will OC it a bit more

My first build after a very long time, and I guess I have hit the balance , I would recommend this to anyone looking for a balanced SFF PC to connect to their TVs. It works and works really good

Part Reviews


A very good CPU for gaming, used it for a year now works really great (One of the reused parts for this build)

CPU Cooler

Really impressed with the size of this cooler, noise level and cooling performance, best mini-itx cooler out there for small cases

Video Card

terrific card need I say more, the best selling card in market as of jan 2016


Great case going to stick to it for a while, would have given five if GPU had more exhaust


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Nice job. I would call it little s.i.s. ... as in, "suck it syber" +1

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hahaha , good one