CPU 4.8GHz @ 1.390v, CPU PLL @ 1.25v Under Load temperature 72C

CPU 4.6GHz @ 1.230v, CPU PLL @ 1.25v Under Load temperature 68C

RAM 2133MHz 10-11-11-24 @ 1.5v

Tests conducted in P95 for 8 hour torture tests.

I have experienced burn in. 4.8 use to require 1.365v & 4.6 was 1.215v.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

The only reason I did not give this item 5 stars is due to possible RAM conflicting issues with the size on this cooler. What makes this cooler stand out is the copper with nickle plating. THIS IS HUGE. It protects the cooler from any kind of long term damage. In addition this makes it safe to use liquid metal thermal compounds that contain gallium. I would like to point out that Thermal Grizzly still suggests to use Conductonaut between the IHS and die & Kryonaut between IHS and cooler.
Another very impressive innovation on this product is how the fan mounting clips work. For starters they are insanely easy and make cleaning a breeze, in addition!!!! You can mount any fan to this cooler with zero conflicts. I just bought this cooler for a friends rig and replaced the fans on it with Noctua industrial fans( 2 Noctua - NF-A14 industrialPPC-3000) and they just clipped on. Creating a product far superior then the ASSASSIN II or the Noctua - NH-D15 SE-AM4. If you are unaware the Noctua has only 6 tubes to dissipate heat via the block, the ASSASSIN II has 8. So in essence with this minor mod you get the power of Noctua fans and the superior(but inferior fans) ASSASSIN II cooling block.

Thermal Compound

Its Thermal Grizzly, you cant get any thing better. Also I have reached out to their support team, they are excellent and helpful.

Thermal Compound

Its Thermal Grizzly, you cant get any thing better. Also I have reached out to their support team, they are excellent and helpful.


The best LGA1155 motherboard. One minor issue though that is well documented is fan controller issues. You can not set your fan speeds unless you go full manual and set the ratios when under/above X temperatures.


One of the best of the best CL7 DDR3 memory modules available you can obtain. Good luck finding them now days though with out being gouged in price and having to sell an arm, leg, & first born child.


Out performs almost every SSDs available in the market today(2019) in the sequential read speed test.

Video Card

980 Ti is literally a carbon copy of the TITAN X with less CUDA cores. In term of value to power hard to beat.


Great case, has air flow issues though. if your going air cooled be prepared to spend 100USD on fans.

Case Fan

I mean it works, its very dated in 2019 with its static pressure rating. The anti vibration silicone mounts that are included with this product though are a dumpster fire product. It is very quite though.

Case Fan

Great fan, they also offer different colour anti-vibration pads(so you can upgrade out of the wood colours for 6USD). They are loud at max settings but you can feel the power. Noctua is the gold standard.

Case Fan

The only reason to buy this over a comparable Noctua fan is the LED.


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