I haven't built a new computer in 10 years so I decided to treat myself. Build went smoothly and all components were fully functional on boot. Runs Witcher 3 on all Ultra settings at 60 fps without issue.

I would still like to buy an adapter and RGB splitter so I can make full use of the Aura Sync function on the motherboard; would also like to buy a few more case fans. Temps have been fine even with extended use, but it's winter and ambient temperatures may be higher in the summer so I would like to prepare for that.

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  • 24 days ago
  • 1 point

Why DDR4-2400? Its slow compared to other memory speeds. Overall, nice build.

  • 22 days ago
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Thanks for pointing this out. I'm embarrassed to say I wanted white RAM to go with the build and didn't think about the speed too much. Definitely something I'll look at for the next upgrade. :)