Woohoo! Not my first build, but the first one that I've actually done for myself. It's replacing my 2009 Macbook Pro as a gaming machine, development platform, and general purpose PC. Taking a look at the pictures above, my cable management isn't perfect, but i'm happy with it. You may notice in some of the pictures the pci-e power connectors are disconnected. They just came loose when doing cable management. I haven't done any real stress testing yet but so far everything looks good.

i7-4770k: I wanted the ability to overclock, and there are certain things like encryption and compilation that benefit from multithreading. And thanks to micro center, it wasn't terribly expensive. Win-win!

H100i: Something better than the stock cooler. My machine isn't perfectly quiet when idle, there seems to be some pump noise. I need to tinker with it a bit but so far it seems to be cooling effectively.

Maximus VI Hero: There were a lot of motherboards in this price range that were appealing. In the end, I decided to go with Asus because I've had really good experiences with them in the past.

Crucial Ballistix 16gb: What can I say? It's cheap 1600mhz memory. Could I have gone a few dollars cheaper? Yes, but the memory would have been blue. Blue memory on a red motherboard? Bleh.

Samsung 840 Evo 500gb: Primary drive, for all the executable whatnots. Most media files and such are on an external drive right now, and will be moving to a NAS in the future.

GTX 780: I wanted a really powerful GPU for gaming, and the price/performance on the 780 is just way better than on the 780 Ti. It was tempting to go for the full 780 Ti, but $200 for an extra ~10% of performance just didn't seem worth it.

Define R4: Good reviews pointed me towards this case. I wanted something solidly built and easy to work in. It satisfies these roles well.

Power supply: I was going to originally go with a 760W, but considering I may do SLI in the future this seemed like a better option. In the install, the intake for it is coming from inside the case instead of below it. Although this isn't ideal, because it will be running on carpet, I decided to go with this approach.

Operating system: I made sure to grab a copy of 8.1 from DreamSpark before I graduated. Saved some $$ there.

UPDATE 06/2014: Replaced the stock H100i fans with SP120s, dramatically lowers the noise level, also added 2 WD Red drives in RAID 1 for storage.

UPDATE 12/2014: 2 more memory sticks for Christmas, yay!


  • 71 months ago
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Very balanced! Nice cable management too. Looks beautiful... +1

  • 71 months ago
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Nice build, really solid part selection and the GTX 780 is a beast of a card! Not much else to say. Enjoy! +1

  • 71 months ago
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if you may do SLI in the future, taking the cost of a second 780 into consideration, you should have just gone for the ti...

  • 71 months ago
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I didn't because the extra cost of a Ti would have set this build back another month, and a single 780 will work well for me for the foreseeable future. When I go to higher resolutions, I will consider SLI (which probably won't be for 18 months).