So, for the past year or so Iv'e had a pretty budget orientated build, I recently decided to spend some cash on upgrading my system. The upgrades I ended up purchasing are:

Case: NZXT S340 Black @ £57

GPU: Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 @ £279.99

PSU: Corsair CX600M @ £57.99

SSD: Kingston SSDNow V300 @ £39.99

                    Upgrade total = £434.97
                    System Total = £799.63

The other components have been carried over from my budget build, as you can tell with things like the CPU cooler, poor motherboard etc. I will be upgrading my motherboard in the coming weeks when i have some extra money but for now I have a smelly motherboard. .........................................................................................................................................................................................


NZXT S340 - Lovely little case with plenty of features to says it's budget oriented, cable management was no problem because of so many cable tie spots on the back of the case and also plenty of holes in parts of the case to feed wires through. The big side windows is really nice except it scratches pretty easily, in fact I scratched it with a glasses wipe...just have to be gentle with it. The paint finish on the top looks great, love me some top I/O too! Air flow is said to be pretty bad with this case, however with my configuration I am getting pretty good temps, even under load my GPU stays around or below 60° C which is great. 8/10.

GTX 970 G1 - Beautiful. Powerful. CHUNKEH. ...really chunky. The card is a 9/10, with the illuminated Windforce logo and its G1 Back plate this GPU definitely takes the cake for being one of the best looking GPU's out there IMO. The performance was great right out of the box, didn't think it'd get much better but then I overclocked it. I managed to get an extra 130MHz core clock and 200MHz memory clock before deciding to leave it be. Frame rates in games at max settings was perfect for a 1080p gamer like myself with FPS pretty much always above 60. The only bad thing, and in my case not REALLY bad is the sheer size of the card, it probably wouldn't fit in most cases because it's huge.

AMD 8320 - I've had this CPU for about a year now and so far so good, not had any problems. I mean, for the price of £100 (or so) I cant really complain, when paying that price you shouldn't expect monster like performance. I haven't got around to overclocking the CPU yet, however when I get a all-in-one liquid cpu cooler I probably will overclock to about 4.0GHz. I'd give the CPU a 7/10 due to its price for performance ratio.

CM TX3 Evo - For a cheap CPU air cooler, it definitely isn't the worst one out there. when I first got this cooler it was pretty quit, again not silent but for a cheap cooler i didn't have much of an expectation in the first place. However, as time went on, the fan has become pretty damn loud, cools very well to say its an air cooler, but as I said, its loud. I'd give this about a 5/10.

Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600MHz - I'm not too much of a savvy when it comes to RAM, all I know is this RAM performs well and also looks the part too. I would love to have two sticks of the same RAM in dual channel but as of right now 16GB is overkill for my needs. 10/10 because ram.

Kingston SSDNow V300 - Well, this is my first ever SSD so I can't really say too much as iv'e only had it a short time. However judging from the short time iv'e has one, screw mechanical hard drives. SSD's are DA BOMB, boot times are incredible and so are game load times! It's sad to say that I could only afford a 120GB one though, I only have 20GB spare now and so I save most things on my smelly old Seagate barracuda 1TB. It looks pretty nice too, good job too as in the NZXT S340 its practically on show! i'd give this SSD a 8/10.

Seagate Barracuda - Its a cheap mechanical HDD. Its performs as you'd expect and it surprisingly reliable, I guess that why it has so many rating on here (who would've guessed). Great HDD for budget orientated build, I would recommend it, or maybe the WD 1TB blue, they are pretty much on par with one another. 7/10.

Corsair CX600M - My first semi modular PSU and boy oh boy is it nice to manage cables much more efficiently. for a pretty fair price this PSU was a good deal, it was only a few more pounds than the non-modular version so I thought it was worth the extra pennies. Cable managing was pure and utterly easy. I only used what cables I had to which is the great thing about Semi-modular PSU's, this left my build looking pretty clean. Not that you can see the PSU when it's installed into the S340 but it did look pretty nice too if that counts for anything! I'd give it a SHOCKING 8/10 ;)

Asrock 980DE3/U3S3 - throws up does the job but...pretty bleak board with just basic functionality. Some of the connectors are pretty tacky and cheap and therefore flimsy (break easily), this includes the PCI-E slot, as when removing the GPU the PCI-E slot itself came out of the motherboard...managed to salvage it but no on wants thing like that happening. It's pretty obsolete as far as motherboards go, If i was to build the same system, at this moment in time I would probably go with a MSI 970A-G43 or for a little extra a MSI 970 Gaming Mobo. I'd give this board a honest 3/10

Corsair AF120 White - I love these fans, I got two for the simple face they came in a dual pack, I am now glad duel packs exist. they are really quiet and also look great (they might not look too good in the pictures above but in IRL they look awesome). They also go great with the GPU's illuminated text which is also a plus! I use these fans next to one another in a 240mm config, they pull in plenty of air for the components to get a nice breath of fresh air. 10/10.

Windows 7 - I expected more windows, all I got was a CD with some software on it. Disappointing. 1/10.


Do I recommend this build to others? Ans: No, because most of the components are outdated and much more recent parts for around the same price can be bought. Some of this build is obviously a good buy however, such as the CPU, GPU, SSD, Case, HDD, PSU & fans...pretty much everything but that mobo and cpu cooler because yolo.

Anyways not sure if there's anything else I should include, if anyone has suggestions or questions feel free to post then and stuff. Also if you want to watch a video of my build then go over to this link and lick my nostrils:

Thanks for reading, Slackopus/bocajsunny7 out.


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I just finished another build using this same case, but in white. Very nice building with it. +1

  • 61 months ago
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Yeah the case is so easy to work with, especially with the psu shroud. Im thinking about painting the metal NZXT cable management panel white...might look cool with gpu lit up and also my white led fans :)

  • 61 months ago
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I can see it, totally would work

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Thanks for this review, well detailed and helpful. I'm considering the 970 gigabyte and the s340, with one being massive and the other not being so, how well does the 970 fit? Is it cramped, a bit of a squeeze to get in, or not too bad? Would there be room for a second 970 in your opinion?

I'm just trying to decide whether this case is good to go with, or something bigger!

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Hey man, so yeah the S340 and the Gigabyte 970 G1 look and fit very nicely with alot of breathing space for the gpu. There's always the issue with SLI configs where one doesn't get as much fresh/cool air because of the other gpu underneath it, so if you do go with a SLI config with this gpu just make sure to have good airflow in the case. The coolers on the 970 G1 do a really good job (big card due to efficient cooling fans) so the SLI config won't cause much of an issue if the airflow is right :)

Im going SLI eventually too! Good luck with your setup :)

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Thanks for the reply!

I'm so tempted to go SLI now on mine, however I think i'll give it a go single first and wait for the prices to drop a little, i'm only going to have a 1080p monitor anyway.

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How well does that coolremaster tx3 cool?

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pretty decent, although id recommend going with the 212 as its probably better overall