Originally built in 2015 contained a 6600k, Corsair LPX 2400mhz and a Corsair h60 AIO & MSI GTX 980 which are all gone now.

The H60 AIO broke down, got a ML240R with RGB instead.

Also the PC contained a MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4gb but the gpu completely died, went for a RTX 2070 Super Gaming Trio X.

This system also contained originally a Corsair LPX 2400mhz 16gb , Swapped it for a Corsair RGB Pro 16gb 3200mhz. .

The 6600k was swapped last year for a 6700k for just €100 from a friend of mine. The 6600k was sold.

Overclocked the 6700k to 4.6ghz on just 1.280v with LLC1, impressive for this kind of cpu and motherboard combo.

Might swap it for a ryzen 3700x cpu/motherboard combo

Running on triple monitor setup. The 2 dell monitors were a gift and so nothing was paid for.

Center screen is a MSI Optix MPG27CQ 144Hz

Part Reviews


Overclocks well. 4.6ghz 1.280v Just fast enough for just daily tasks. Got this for a bargain sale from a friend

Can do 4.7Ghz on 1.35v but gets toasty due to crappy thermal paste

CPU Cooler

Very noisy. But cools very well. The first unit leaked on my entire system but luckily the system was off and no major harm was one, or perhaps my GTX 980 failed due to this cooler after some months. Second unit so far so good.


Pretty cheap board. Light overclocker. Get things done. Bought this originally in 2015 as of my second pc build. Still going strong in 2019 with no degradation yet.


Purchased this in december 2019. Great speeds tho. Had some problems at first getting it stable. Managed it with XMP with help of VCCSA on 1.15 and VCCIO at 1.12

NOTE Not fully compatible with z170 chipsets, crashes whole system in standby mode. has to do with the z170 chipsets limitations that does not have motherboard sync like aurasync/mysticlight/RGB Fusion etc. Heavy manual tweaking needed

Z270 with motherboard sync / Amd ryzen chipsets no problems whatsoever.


Got this for free, Salvaged it from a broken HD recorder. But slow AF Also from 2015, still have it in 2019.


Also bought in 2015, Very silent and still going strong in 2019.


Somehow this was cheaper than the X300 4tb version, I was lucky then. Has a higher tolerance and reliability vs X300 My god this hdd is loud. But fast.

Video Card

My old GTX 980 died. Got this bic boi instead. Very silent

Not exceeding 67c

RGB bois

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