This is my first build and I am very proud of her. All I have been doing is buying parts paycheck to paycheck, until I have the completed build .That's why shes the "Work in progress" . This PC will be used for mild video and picture editing (I will add more Memory later) and pretty much full on gaming . (I will post more pictures when more parts come in. )

To start I picked the 6 core FX-6300 due to the price (mostly) and the fact it can do the gaming I want and the multitasking I need . Once I am able to buy an Awesome CPU cooler I will be overclocking and should be running at it's full potential.

The motherboard appealed to me for it's color , price , and overall what it can do. Although I did see some bad comments on the bios , it was user friendly to me (as a first time builder) and I have had no problems with it yet.

The memory is still something I will be buying in the near future. I was able to scrap some generic 8 gb (4x2gb) Memory from an old computer from a friend , and i have not had any problems with it .But I do hope to upgrade to 16gb of the corsair vengeance .

Storage is pretty much been great , the Kingston SSD and the Western Digital 1TB have been awesome . No problems there. I'm just glad to finally have a crap ton of storage for what ever i want. :)

The video card took me the longest to pick out. I knew i wanted a GeForce card but I had no clue where to start. The GTX 960 stood out to me for being in my budget ($200) and matching my Red and black scheme.

The HAF 912 was recommended to me a wile back when i was still in high school , seeing that I could now afford to build a computer I when ahead and grabbed it . I love the way the case looks ,the affordability and all that space inside. My few concerns are the fact they did not paint the inside black. The silver throws off the look a bit. Also its a bit crammed in the back for cable management . So it was a bit tough to route cable behind for a clean look.

The power supply was a good choice , so far. 430W is all I need for now until I do a serious upgrade ( like another graphics card ). Only time will tell how good of a power supply I have.

The Kicker was wireless card. I have not been able to use my commuter to its full potential because it can not connect to the internet! I did not realize how important it really was until I had to order one and wait for it to come in . So that has been nice -_-

So thats my first build hope you enjoy ! Please leave a comment on what I should add next, what I should look out for and other things .Thanks ! update as of 10/19/2015 This rig has been a MONSTER! I am able to play GTA 5 at 60 FPS solid on Med-High settings and CS:GO around a crazy 200fps (never thought that was possible lol ) . I have 40+games , a crap ton of music and movies but still have 500gb left . In complete honesty the $700 I spent on the rig was WELL WORTH IT! I am still waiting to get my sweet corsair ram , as ram prices are falling , but the HP ram I got from my friend is losing its cool over time. In conclusion if you are waiting to take the plunge in the PCMASTERRACE .... DO IT ! It feels awesome to have ascended . :)

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  • 58 months ago
  • 1 point

don't even bother with that kingston SSD, they're total garbage, there are a bunch of articles explaining it.

  • 32 months ago
  • 1 point

2 years later and I thank you for that comment , I sold that ssd. Look for my next build coming next week. Its going to be good .

  • 58 months ago
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Get some led fans in that case and your good to go