This is the first-ish computer I built but now I use it as my secondary computer. I'll be using it as a second setup for Slap City, and Rivals of Aether tourneys. I'm also planning to use it as a setup for my bed, but I don't have that setup yet. I say first-ish computer because it doesn't have the original gpu in it which was a MSI R7 240, also known as, a mistake lol. I made this computer when I only really knew about 1080 TIs and i7s and that wasn't in the budget, this was also before Ryzen, and just before the RX 500's came out so I had no idea about good budget options. So I guess I just picked out what seemed good without really thinking about looking up benchmarks. Also the date built I put is just around the time I got the RX 560, and I have no idea what the cost was.

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I think I have the same CPU cooler in my prebuilt and I hate it. My CPU will get much hotter than recommend with just a little bit of overclock whilst running Minecraft with SUES PTGI and UMSOEA or Realistico.