This is a hand-me-down build for my fiance. The graphics card is something that was just collecting dust and manages to actually drive the newer ips monitor I picked up recently. His desk is messy and annoys me but it's whatever.

The main computer would still be somewhat decent if it had a better graphics card, but with my planned upgrade it will have my 1080 in it again by the end of next year.

He mainly just uses the computer for productivity purposes, reference pieces, Xbox gaming, etc.

Prices are what I paid a couple years ago, and the GTX 580 price is based on when I built a tri-sli computer 10 years ago.

The top monitor is shucked due to an old build I used to have that ran at 5760x1080 to get them closer together since old monitor casings were huge.

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  • 2 months ago
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It's nice to see old hardware re-purposed. I don't think the Surface Book is part of the build and should be removed. Thanks for posting. Enjoy!