TL;DR Most of the parts here, I bought from a friend who upgraded to a 6600K and GTX 670. Hence the super low price of them all. This is primarily a gaming machine and something to keep me occupied while I get the cash for a Polaris GPU and later on, Zen CPU.

CPU: Got this Athlon X4 760K on the cheap. As we all know what AMD processors lack in instructions-per-clock they make up for in core count. Unfortunately my most frequently played games are CPU heavy, such as Planetside 2 and Skyrim. While I stay above 30 FPS in most situations I am definitely disappointed.

Cooler: Cryorig H7. This was $35 total off Amazon. Keeps the 100W Athlon nice and cool and generates next to no noise on default fan speeds. I use a CM Sickleflow 120 on the rear as a kind of pseudo-exhaust fan since I have no mounting hardware for the Sickleflow to go on the case.

Board: MSI A78M-E35. Keeps my parts together and the Athlon X4 760K at 4.4 GHz. We'll see how long it takes to vaporize itself.

Memory: RAM is fairly simple, just two 4 GB sticks of DDR3-1866. Never exceeded 6.6 GB of RAM usage so no plans to upgrade until Zen.

Storage: The only excuse I have for this is that it was $10. Debating between a 240GB SP550 SSD or 1 TB Caviar Blue HDD.

GPU: GTX 660. This was used on Amazon for $80. Replaced its thermal paste with the CP7 that was included with my H7 and I've seen about a 3 degrees celsius improvement in temps on identical loads and fanspeeds. Playing Overwatch on Medium-High and 80 FPS, Planetside on similar settings and 60 FPS though I have a CPU bottleneck in that game.

Case: Picked up from a recent Newegg sale for a whopping $43. My first choice would have been the Deepcool Tesseract (I prefer blue and better CPU cooler clearance) but I couldn't pass this up having already used one to build a friend's PC. Cable management is doable with a non-modular power suppply but I wish it was color-neutral and included some more fans and better cooler clearance.

Power Supply: Relatively loud and ugly 600W Thermaltake non-modular power supply with ketchup-and-mustard wires. But it was cheap and wasn't DOA like the EVGA NEX750 I ordered.

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  • 43 months ago
  • 3 points

TBH I really don't think your friend gave you that good of a discount on the CPU, unless you got it from him some time ago. And he upgraded to a skylake CPU but upgraded his GPU to a GTX 670 :V .... uh, ok?

I mean weirdness aside, it's still a solid budget build. Sorry to hear the CPU is letting you down, I think it might also be the 660 as that is a fairly old mid-range card. In any event I hope your upgrade to zen/polaris goes smoothly +1

  • 43 months ago
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Ha, they got the 670 for free. It was an upgrade from an R7 260X anyways and it's a Galax card to boot.

  • 43 months ago
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My TR2 600W isn't 80+ rated and it runs silent LOL. I like that 960, very sexy.