This was my first time building a PC and I didn't really have a huge budget but I did have an old system my buddy had built for me so at first i had just though about upgrading the GPU but the more I looked I realized I wanted to build a whole new system.

First thing I did was started looking at sales on the last gen Ryzen CPUs because I knew that I could sacrifice a little performance for a lot of money. I noticed they had some Open Box stuff that would really save me some money but give me quite a lot of money esp with the Ryzen CPU/MOBO combo promo they had going. Luckily GPU prices had been dropping around July so I went with the RX580 for decent 1080p gaming on a budget. I pilfered the 1TB from my old rig before selling it and the 2TB FireCuda came from a friends old PS4. The NVME was a steal on Prime Day that I couldn't pass up on.

Overall the build went very smooth and I really like how it turned out. The case was a breeze to build in.Plenty of space and just the righ;t amount of storage. I had originally selected some different ram but ended up finding out it was bad so I exchanged it for cheaper ram with no RGB. This build kills most AA games at ultra, at least it does more FPS than my monitor can handle, and most AAA games run pretty smooth. Downloading anything to the SSD or copying from 1 drive to another is stupid fast.

10/10 would do it exactly the same again.

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  • 3 months ago
  • 2 points

I Like it. Its a solid build all the prices are reasonable. it will do just fine for a long time.

  • 3 months ago
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thank you for getting a GPU support bracket, that rx 580 sags so much.