This rig is a long overdue upgrade from a 7 year old machine. The build is intended for productivity (statistical analyses, excel spreadsheets, and some light programming) and some minor gaming (mostly CS:GO).

I stayed with AMD because of brand loyalty and because I think that the processing power/cost is a far better deal than what was available from intel. Also, because gaming is less of a primary use, I don't think the advantages of hyperthreading were as beneficial to me. Paired with the Hyper212 evo, the machine runs cool and quiet. Even in prime95, the machine never got loud.

This is my first gigabyte board, as I've traditionally built with Asus, but I have been impressed so far. No issues out of the box and easy installation.

An abundance of RAM was available at a really good price, so I went ahead and bought 16gb out of fear that when I go to upgrade RAM, the price will have gone up with the focus being on DDR4 in the future. No compatibility issues with the G.Skill, although I did need to manually change the profile in bios.

120GB SSD + 1TB WD Blue seems like a winning combination to me.

The GeForce GTX 750 TI is a sweet little card. It may not be enough power to get you to the cutting edge of graphics, but the energy efficiency and low profile design on this card are amazing considering its performance. Cool and quiet and runs CS:GO without issue on very high settings.

Lastly, the Dell S2415H is pretty incredible. I use an HP 27xi at work and I have to say the S2415H looks even better to me. The picture is gorgeous and I haven't had any issues with the display in game either. The speakers are decent for what they are too. I'm very happy with this monitor.


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That motherboard is clean! +1 for AMD!

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Looks good. Nice build!