I just recently got back into gaming, consequently I needed a rig that could do it. This is what I picked out what do you think, be brutal. It took a lot of time for me to sift through the many parts out there and there is probably a reason why I went with what I did.

Ivy Bridge I5=I got this chip when Ivy was just coming out, I didn't know that it didn't overclock as well as sandy (you never know until you try). It still does everything I ask it too and I haven't even gotten to overclock yet.

CPU Cooler= I wound up with the Noctua NH-D14, I haven't tried much overclocking yet but currently I'm at 4.2 with a little bump in voltage ( I forget exact) and temps are really good.

Motherboard= Holy wow did this take a bit to pick out. This Asrock board is exactly what I needed. The dual pci express slots gives me the possibility of going sli in the future. It has the right USB, esata, ect... for my needs, and at $135 its a steal for what it all does.

Memory= I went with the g.skill because it did have good reviews, there were very few complaints about incompatibility. I haven't had any issues with it so far.

Storage = I went with Crucial M4 because there were very few reviews stating they had stability issues. It is a very fast and reliable.

Video Card= I just upgraded to the gtx 780, I know its overkill for 1080p gaming, but it was meant for a bit of future proofing. I really want to play BF4 on ultra and I thought if I went with a 770 I might not be able to do that. Of course nothing is for certain since the game hasn't been released, but I'm pretty sure the 780 will do the job I want...

Case= Case is a combination of style, functionality, and available space. If I had it my way this thing would be hanging on the wall. However, my wife thinks otherwise and I don't blame her. This antec case I feel has great airflow, great cable management, and great features. I wanted usb 3.0 on the front panel which surprisingly not everyone has yet. It also doesn't look like a military tire like another popular case, I like the more sleek design.

Power Supply= Reliability is the game, and Corsair is the name. I went with a non modular model because my case has plenty of space to hide all the cables. It works well and the 850w was overkill for my rig... I know can't have too much, plus 750 was sold out when I was ordering. The 850 also gives me plenty of headroom to do the SLI/Crossfire in the future if I wish.

DVD rom= I don't play blu rays, I don't burn blu rays. This one works great

Monitor= This also took me a long time to pick out. It is a solid 60 hz monitor. I thought about going 120 but in the end that would mean probably 2 way sli at least to get a 120 fps when I play BF3. This monitor is crisp and looks great on my desk.

Keyboard= I didn't want to spend a ton of money but I wanted the LCD display. It works okay, I can tell its a bit cheaper sometimes when i need to hold the shift key I notice just holding on the corner doesn't cut it. Its something I live with. For the money I feel its everything it should be.

Mouse= Love this mouse! I used to only ever have standard two button Microsoft mice but I wanted a few more buttons for gaming. This thing gives me two by my thumb I use constantly and also the on the fly dpi adjustments are something I didn't think I would use, but I find myself using all the time.


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Uhm. Well. I agree with everything you've said. Great SSD, good Case, PSU (modular is easier, but with a big case not a necessity) motherboard, etc.

CPU Cooler: well, at that price, you couldve gotten one of the corsair water-cooling solutions, but meh.

Motherboard: many have came to that same conclusion.

GPU: I agree, 670 is where it's at. The closet contender, the HD Radeon 7970 (yes, here me out) is not a match. The 7970 will get you more VRAM and of course has the whole eyefinity solution for multi monitor setups. However, in-depth research shows that average FPS in a lot of games on single or sometimes multi monitor is higher with the 670, and that it's low fps does not dip like the 7970. The 7970 usually has the highest top fps (but again, lower average) plus the 670 is cheaper. I do highly recommend the EVGA 670 FTW edition to you though.

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The EVGA card is a great card. I went with the MSI PE though because of its overclocking potential. A lot of people are talking about the 660 TI PE overclocking so well that you get to the level of a 670. I don't like the 660 because test show that the 192 bit memory does hold it back. As far as the cooler, check out that cooler out performs many corsairs water coolers, unless you go with a H80 or H100. I don't think my case could support a 100.