Multimedia, TV ... & Workstation for Adobe MC CS6 and some other programs. Not one game ;-)

=> starting small, later probably more SSDs, PCIe RAID and so on.

Prefered 10bit monitor too expensive, TV broke => fingers crossed the chosen monitor will be acceptable (ordered)


Chose the OCed GTX 770 with 4GB over the 780 as it was 110€ less and some free or matching to MC CS6 software prefers 4GB over 3GB vRAM and I think the 770 is more balanced for my system.


System bought in November 2013


My disc set-up for Adobe CS6 Premiere Pro

sorted by speed-need (S: fastest...)

S: Scratch/Media cache = Adobe temps .......................... = 1x 256GB Pro............ - Scratch ...................... <=====> - read & write

E: 1.Preview/Utility + 2.Exports or 'output' (or: R: render?).. = 1x 256GB Pro ............ - Render/Export/Utility . <--------> - read & write (not at the same time)

P: Projects aka files aka project files .............................. =1x 256GB Pro/~ Evo ..... - Project Files .............. < =-=-=-> - lots read / less write

M: Media = sources .......................................................= 1x 250GB Evo ............ - Media......................... ---------> - read

C: Win 7 & Programs ...................................................... =1x 250GB Evo ..............- OS/Programme/Apps .... ---------> - read

D: Encore Image files & storage....................................... = 1x 1TB HDD ............... - EncoreISO/data archive <=====> - idle / sleep

RAM-disc and Adobe Global Cache


System goals (beside video editing & effects and audio projects...):

no water cooling, but still as less heat as possible combined with silence (as quiet as possible),

possibility for high efficiency in idle (PSU JonnyGuru approved),

elaborate office work capable,

best RMAs % / customer reviews possible,

lots of guarantee,

air flow also for the small parts on a mobo,

mobile via handle/grip,

GPU-weight support,

firmware providing companies,

and so on


Surrounding/room temp 19°C, more then an hour running in idle (surfing the net, moving pics from DSLR to pc,...)

CPU Idle: 20°C

GPU Idle: 26°C

MoBo Idle: 27°C-28°C

SSD OS Idle: 23°C-24°C

all other SSDs / HDD Idle: 20°C to 22°C

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  • 74 months ago
  • 2 points

Personally I would have gotten a single 512gb ssd and a very large storage drive. It would save money and you would have more storage

  • 74 months ago
  • 3 points

Thank you for your comment :-)

If I would aim for a computer to work with rather very big files and heavy editing / effects.... at the same time - yes, that would have been a more convenient pc (depending on the RAID card for the 'large storage'...)

Beside the computer has to be mobile for work reasons - external storage seems to me not that convenient or that reason alone - my aim was/is - beside temps/noise - for max speed in special video-work situations and a very important point for me is also to aim for a system that is causing as less hassle in dayly life as possible (trying e.g. to avoid RAID or PCIe RAID cards)

I am often working not stationary, so I do not have the possibility to let the computer render through the night or even for a complete week or... so speed is important, I have to be finished at the evening. For that it is also helpful to be able to start fast with the work: I carry it inside, plug in the monitor (usually provided) also the power connector, keyboard, and the mouse = ready. No big space or lots of cables.... needed. In a away a true plug and play system...

The source material in use is at the simplest 'only' Full HD, too often unfortunately of the h.264 version too and at the worst ... whatever they bring to me. Way too often also multiple not matching cameras, with different general light colors ...

Even the small details might help like 'true' PCIe 3.0


a mobo that is able to OC with a switch to a reasonable OC-speed

fast additional SATA III like the ASMeidia controller (till that board the ASMedia controler build in at this board was usually picked for eSATA...) or since their firmware-update the also rather fast Marvel controllers with 2 lanes in use (counting only for the 92xx generation with the update and notfor the older 91xx versions)

split up the workflows to different SSDs to avoid the waiting time caused by 'only write or read at once possible' detail - following with this detail e.g. each recommendation I've read or asked for by the Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro advisors / whitepapers or very experienced users at the Adobe Forum

Do you happen to know this site: ? Or its predecessor , still interesting for Premiere Pro till Version CS5?

Those systems work e.g. even with SATA II RAIDS and RAID cards... incl the one with 44 external HDD! Very fast, lots of energy needed and noise, clearly not a lightweight for transport situations and also not simple to find space for.

I might even try out the SSD Caching II in the future - with SSDs that are now even capable to fully use those possibilities, who knows, I might even get a bit more storage then too ;-)

BTW, my real system costs me a lot less then those 'warrior class' pcs, but I'm not that much sloweer then those ;-) (and a lot less then the least prices listed here also, as I bought over many months of space of time

In the hope my mainly self-trained English is understandable....

  • 74 months ago
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O.o I didn't ask for an essay but your English is extremely good for having been self trained and thanks for an explanation. +1 on the build and props to you for explaining your choices in depth

  • 74 months ago
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I learned its very hard for me to explain things in another language in a short way, if I do not know the correct terms I tend to describe the details in the hope the other person understands via the scenery

I know my pc needs a rather special, so not a lot of people might understand the whys... happy for your reaction ;-)

I left school ~ 35y back and then we got not a lot of English lessons

  • 74 months ago
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Something tells me you know who Haarm Millard is. Anyways, your drive setup follows certain good practices in resource draw and file management for good workflows in Adobe photo and video editing software, but you could have chosen much better drives.

The Samsung 840 Pro and EVO are both great drives for your OS and applications. But for things like media cache, pagefile, scratch disk, exports, previews, etc. you want a drive that performs well in something called "steady state" performance. And the 840 drives, while fast for opening applications and booting up, are pretty lousy for steady state performance. Something like the Corsair Neutron GTX or OCZ Vector/Vector 150 would have been better for your workflow drives, while you could still use an 840 drive for your OS and application installation.

  • 53 months ago
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Hi, just found your ressponse again. I had those in consideration too, but one or both had at the time some bad return percentages at my prefered store and ... I've forgotten the details. I do mostly small projects, for now I am o.K. with the SSDs in use. Might change them later on...

hich one would you use if you had to buy some this year or next year? Only so I can read up on them and stay up-to-date a bit

  • 53 months ago
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Uups, I forgot to add: another reason was: I got them for a really really .... good price then. I searched for each item for the best price... then too (e.g. the PSU was a must, still found a seller who was way cheaper than all the others) Now, 2 years later, 20% worsened exchange rate, older items going down with the prices... = I finally reached the price I payed for the system according to this sites calculation of the actual prices in the US. Can't check my country as not all items are linked here. Couldn't get the same conditions for the recommended SSDs then.

  • 74 months ago
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Very nice, Kinda hard to get a feel for the build due to limited pics through the side panel. would be nice to see it with the side off and maybe even a shot behind the mobo tray.

  • 74 months ago
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I'll try to add some pics the next week or so, when I have a bit more time (still not finished with the adding of the older ~ analog receiver and so on) Not a lot to see through the windowed panel as the SSDs cables go straight through the back. Behind the mobo tray it looks rather.... wild. Will add a pic then too.

SSD no. 5 and the HDD are behind the to the side looking smaller fan (deeper storage cage), middle cage isn't there anymore, exchanged the original front fan for another / bigger front fan Both original cage fans were with LEDs = not using those, light too flickery for me, glued in 2 slim 'lateral-beaming' LED stripes (1x bottom, 1x ceiling) instead

I'll try to add pics for that as well