Three different computers in a single case (Thermaltake Core X-9 Snow). First pc, which parts are listed, is my daily gaming/work pc connected to a 43" 4k 120hz monitor. Second pc on the bottom is my dedicated plex server with a r5 2600, 16gb of 3200mhz ddr4, and an r9 fury nitro; this pc runs 24/7. Third pc is a secondary gaming machine for guests/testbench. it has a 2700x, 16gb of 3000mhz ddr4, and a 980 ti poseidon. Temperatures for all 3 pcs are great. I never keep the side panel on because im always tinkering in it. All three computers have their own power-supplies as well. I have been working on this build for about a year now, so im excited to see it done.

All told I've spent about $5000 to complete it.

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  • 2 months ago
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Nice jug of apple juice you got there xD

Great build overall! +1