This will be used for gaming and school work, it will be an all round machine so I can enjoy playing games and work efficiently.

The case was a dream, the stand offs for the motherboard all were in the same place so there was no need to adjust the location for any of them.

The case is just brilliant and couldn't fault it Will be upgrading the graphics card soon as the one I have was only a cheap one from eBay which I used to just get it up and running

Cable Management may be a bit messy in the pictures but I have cleaned it up more now after getting it all set up

The SSD, its set for performance mode and just boots so fast its crazy

1920x1080 everything is crystal clear and looks beautiful, almost all websites I go on have massive gaps at both sides because of the resolution being so high :)


  • 74 months ago
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How do you like your keyboard? Its the only part of my build Im still not sure on. Im going to be using mine for some gaming and also web/graphic design.

  • 74 months ago
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yeah its a nice keyboard, its not mechanical but I've never used a mechanical one so I don't know what they are like but its still very easy to use for typing and gaming, I also never use the fan cause its not really needed but the back light is good and the macros are very helpful

  • 71 months ago
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Same monitor as me! Hope you get a new GPU soon, i'd reccomend the GTX770 or R9 280X for you!