Well what started out as just upgrading my graphics card turned into almost a completely new PC. I figured I didn't want my CPU to bottleneck so upgraded that as well, which meant I needed a new motherboard and RAM.

Then figured it was a waste to have all that power and not a 144hz monitor, so grabbed one of those too.

In the end the only things which carry on from my last build are the storage drives and PSU (and peripherals).

Overall very happy with it so far and have not had any problems!


  • 42 months ago
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Awesome build man!


  • 41 months ago
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Will the CPU cooler still allow to use all 4 rams slots without restriction.

  • 40 months ago
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By default no, but I do believe you can move the fan up a bit to open the slot up. Would just mean the fan overhangs above the heat sink a bit