Hello guys.

I want to show you my PC. How it started and how looks now.

I always liked AMD, before this build I used to have a PhenomII X6 1100T with a HD5770 1GB DDR5 and it really did his job well. So when I'm decide to build a new PC, I decide to stick with AMD, not only because the preformance/price comparison, but because I use a lot of server virtualization on my work and AMD always give me a little advantage on multi-tasking.

I get a really nice $400 bundle about 6 months ago on ebay for my FX-8350, an asrock 970extreme3 and 16GB of Crucial Ballistix 1600Mhz memory. Then I got an Asus HD7870 on NewEgg, and a couple free games with it. I bought a Corsair H100i on NewEgg as well. The parts were getting together. I always liked the Sentey optimus case, so I bought one for less than a $100 and the same day I got an OCZ 600W 80+ a semi-modular PSU with good reviews and good price. I was in a hurry, and wanted to put all together, my old PC was gone, I sold it to cover some of the new parts, so I needed to have a PC running right away. Then, the disgrace knocked on my door, or in my case instead. The Sentey Optimus case didn't let me place the H100i, it was too small and the motherboard didn't fit with the radiator and the fans on the top, so I made an emergency call and got a cooler master V6gt on that same night. The V6 give me nice temps on load, but the noise was terrible and still cant close the case, because the 200mm (I think that was the size) fan on the side door. But at least, the PC was up and running. A couple days latter, I sold the Sentey and bought an Chaser A31 mid tower from a friend, and finally got some space to place the H100i. The I bought an OCZ 60GB ssd for my OS and keep the 1.5Tb Caviar Green for storage only, because it was really killing the PC performance at only 5200rpm.

After that, my PC still the same, works great but I was tired to look the same thing day after day. So about a week ago I got some paint and give it a color tweek, I'm really happy with the result, The change from blue to orange was a succes, only took some paint and a few hours of work and the look changes completely (more or less). I also start thinking that the companies can start making some extra cash if they sold some replacement parts for their cases on different colors. I mean, I prefer to buy the replacent part on orange rather than do it my self because there is always a chance that you fu**ed something up with the paint or brake something on the process. But the spray painting was the only way, so I took it and I'm pleased with the result.

So the clockwork orange was up and running... letting behind the original baby-blue scheme...


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This is a no-nonsense build. +1

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damn im mad.. im not even kidding but this is a pretty nice build.

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couldve got the gpu cheaper with sapphire, good build though similar to mine +1

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Thank you all for your comments

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