I've been wanting to switch to desktop from my laptop, which was nearing the end of it's lifespan. If i ran a game for more than 30 minuites, it would reach ~90 C. I got the GPU & Motherboard from a friend who was upgrading, and I already had two hard drives lying around. Because this was my first build, I was initially worried that I would mess something up. Fortunately it turned out to be way easier than expected. I feel way more comfortable with hardware, as before I had only taken apart old & broken computers.

They sent me an extra case & CPU, so I can sell them to my friends for cheap and use the money to buy a couple necessities: Headset, Wireless adapter (It's easier to set up a router under my room than to run an Ethernet cable to my PC), & 4th case fan (The case only comes with 3)

Part Reviews


Runs a bit hot, but that's completely expected. more than enough for anything I need, and for ~20$ more than the 2600, not too expensive.


It works. I was worried on my first boot that my GPU was broken, because the cursor was all flickery in the bios. luckily, it was just the bios being weird.


Good ram, especially if you don't need RGB.


When I first got this, I had no idea it would be this small! 1TB is more than i'll need for a while.

Video Card

Even with the blower fan, it never went above ~70. Runs anything I want it to at 144 fps.


I got this in a shipping error, along with an extra CPU for free. Really nice case, cable management was super easy. However, the drive bay was flush with the bottom so my power connector couldn't fit. I had to mount my hard drive on top of the bay. The RGB is nice, and the software is easy to control.

Power Supply

I really like the braided cables, and the silent operation. My one complaint is shared with my case, in that I had to install one hard drive outside of the bay to fit the power connector.

Operating System

To quote Clemeit: It's the Windows. I had an 8GB USB stick lying around, and with my laptop and a couple minutes had windows running fine.


Nice monitor, intuitive menus & good navigation, there's just nothing wrong that I can find.


Really nice, I had worries about the software when reading reviews, but I could easily get it to do what I wanted with a bit of clicking around. This makes it hard to go back to membrane.


At first I planned to continue to use an office mouse that I got for free, but I could easily spare 20$ for this. glad I did, feels nice, good DPI, and the sniper button is actually useful. Great for the price.

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There’s a cable that has 4 pins and has a cable cover black and white in the top right corner of the H510 elite. Where would I plug that in. Thanks in advance!

  • 1 month ago
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I didn't plug it into anything, I'm pretty sure it's for adding more RGB strips.