It's a computer, mostly for gaming, video encoding, 15TB + plex. Case is modded with mdf lining inside painted with BMW DuPont Matte Frozen White, GPU cooler was modded onto a 1070 with a slight Dremel tool adjustment, EK mobo waterblocks where "painted" with and two part epoxy White. Exterior of case is stock black with some little parts painted in Frozen White, fan control is a switch 10% power for most the time and 100% 3000RPM for when it's cooking up videos. AVX work Is 70c non avx is 60c, m.2 sata drives are in RAID 0, all HDDs of same size are in RAID 0. Just build a NEW R7 ryzen for a friend and I still don't feel like I need to upgrade the core system the CPU seems to be fine compared to new stuff.

Part Reviews


I consider X99 to be a last great HEDT from Intel. This baby overclocked like crazy once I found some DDR4 that worked well with it and delidding it gave me more TDP headroom, a surprising 10c reduction in temp considering it's a soldered IHS.


Ultra durable is right IDK how many times I had an watercooling fluid spill on this mobo and it is fine and I got mine open box 40% off.

Video Card

overclocking to 2150 core and 9000MHZ mem+ is like having a GTX 1080 basically same FPS numbers in the benchmarks


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what do you have your 5820k overclocked to?

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I have not used "phat" since AOL first came out. Even then, it just never felt right.