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  • 79 months ago
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How is your computer now that youve had it for a while, and how is that case compared to say: a Corsair 200r?

  • 78 months ago
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Sorry for the late reply, haven't logged in for a while. It runs perfect, its my first build so I was nervous of it performing over time but its been great. It can eat up any games I play and after adding the SSD boot-up is superfast and other things like Arma 3 and Firefox are much snappier. The Source 210 Elite is a nice case for the price, lots of bays for drives and good cable management options. Can't comment on the 200r, all that I know is that the NZXT is a bit cheaper. Honestly I think the only thing about the case is whether or not you like the looks of one over the other or want to save a few bucks.