This my first custom build ever. Was aiming to build an awesome base system that I could easily go back and upgrade later. The Corsair 400R ATX Mid Tower case in GREAT for builders. Has lots of expansion slots, lots of room, really great cord management solutions, and the LED front intake fans are just a cool finishing touch. The Corsair 750W PSU is also really great for custom builders as the modular design means that you only need to use the power cables that you need, thus reducing the cable clutter inside your machine. My only problem with the PSU was that the user instructions are not very clear at all (in terms of what power cords go to what) and it comes with LOTS and LOTS of extra cables which is great for future upgrades but also a little daunting for a first time builder. Ended up having to go online a lot to figure out how everything connected properly.

So far everything is working great. In the future will be adding additional 120mm fans, and SSD drive, upgraded RAM, and possible set this monster up for SLI. Also considering upgrading the monitor down the road. While the Asus 23" screen I got is great, I can't help but think that it's still on the small side.


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You should upgrade your stock heatsink and then you can OC that i5 quite a bit.

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good build though