I do pretty much everything on this system. Everything from streaming and gaming... all the way through to Photoshop work, and the list goes on. I was in a wreck and I decided to build this Jan of 2016 while I was working on rehabilitation. It still runs like an absolute dream to this day. If anything, it has started to run better. I've had time to fiddle with settings, and this and that. So it runs nice and smooth.

Bare in mind the Corsair Vengeance c70 case when I last seen it was on Ebay for 305$ today. (11/25/2019) and some say they are finding the green one not the black one for around 130. So either way. Still THE BEST case I have ever owned.

Aside from that the motherboard I have seen floating around that are at least still in really good condition or refurbished running the correct bios revision for the kaby lake processor.... well yea not veryyyy common but still around about 110-130$.

I picked up a really nice little Lexma Package bundle that has wired mouse/keyboard/headset that are absolutely amazing. Total price after tax for those was around 80$.

So a total build price in todays market would be.... about.... 1530 + 200 (case) + 120 + 80 = 1930$

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