As the title says, this is my gaming PC. I made a few critical mistakes with this build. I bought many of the original parts when they were on sale. Unfortunately, some of those parts were on sale because they were junk. It cost nearly $435 to replace all of the faulty components. That brought the total cost of my initial $700 build up to about $1125. The total cost would have been about $985, as shown in the part list, if I had built the PC with quality parts in the first place. I'll make sure to remember to check the quality of the parts that I buy next time I decide to build a gaming PC.

The BIOS's vCore setting is locked, so the CPU voltage can't be boosted. The good news is that the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility can overclock and overvolt the CPU with ease. I was able to overclock the Intel Core i5-3570k CPU to 4.4 GHZ with no issues. I also used MSI Afterburner to overclock the MSI R9 270 GPU to a speed of 1050 MHz.

I primarily use this PC for gaming, but I also run video encoding software and a few other things on it sometimes. My game collection mostly consists of games from the GRID and DiRT series. They all run at or near 60 fps on my 1080p monitor. Overall, I am definitely satisfied with the way my PC performs now.


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