For some reason I've never overclocked my stuff. Guess I should do that at some point. Anyways, built this in February 2011 and have been slowly adding to it ever since. Started off as a budget build (i5 2500K, 8GB RAM, no SSD, no SLI GPU's, ****** motherboard, and some other keyboard and mouse) , but my job has got me some pretty awesome discounts.

CPU - Got it from a deal from my work where I got it for dirt cheap.

Mobo - The board I had earlier didn't support SLI. Thankfully a buddy of mine (who I had just help build his computer for) had one that does. Pretty much I just swapped out all the parts in our computers and got an SLI capable mobo for free.

RAM - I had 8GB before, but found an ad on kijiji for 16GB for $70. Pretty much had to jump on that.

SSD - I had been wanting to get a ssd for the longest time, but never wanted to spend any money really. There was a sale at my work, plus, I had some gift cards, and ended up getting a 120GB very awesome SSD for $20 or so.

2nd GPU - Ironically right as I was wanting to go SLI, a buddy of mine just upgraded his dual 570's to dual 780's. He was getting rid of the 570's for pretty cheap, so I jumped on that.

PSU - Needed and upgrade here with all the new stuff I was adding so I upgraded from my Corsair TX650 to the 1000W EVGA PSU (love it BTW)

OS - Through work, I was able to get a free copy of Windows 8 Pro. Sweet deal, eh?

Keyboard and Mouse - Both the keyboard and mouse I got on discount at my work.

That about wraps up everything I think. Any questions or comments about this bad boy, feel free to post.


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