This is my gaming rig that I have been building since 2015. Started with a cm130 elite chassis and 970 strix, upgraded piece by piece since then and this is where I am right now.

I want my rig small, powerful, minimalistic outside, monster inside and as quiet and cool running as possible. I feel Im getting pretty Close to what Ive been aiming for now.

Part Reviews


Might be overkill for my use, but I had the cash and couldn´t resist. I think its a good choice if you dont like to upgrade to often. Runs att 4,6Ghz at 1,2v.

CPU Cooler

This was an upgrade from H80iGT that I had in my CM130 Elite chassis. The pump suddenly gave up after I moved it to Nano s. I choose the Kraken X41 after reading reviews and I liked the idea of using the CAM software that NZXT uses. It has slightly better performance than the H80iGT at least in push pull like ive had it since the beginning.

Keeping the temps below 75c in different stress tests with 4,6Ghz oc and without any overagressive fan settings. Like it silent.

Pump noise is not bad at all but hearable anyway.

I bought a Corsair H55 for the Kraken G10. Its very simple but quality feel is ok and pump noise is on par with the x41 i think. Cooling performance is excellent paired to my 980ti.


This was the first thing that I bought when my build started. Got a great price on a second hand board from ebay. Looks really cool and have a premium feel overall. For a mini ITX very well equipped and no sacrifice in performance.


Bought theese from amazon, solid quality and have worked flawlessly since day one.


Premium quality ssd:s. They were much cheaper when I bought them compared to right now, so back then there were no hesitation. Im getting 540Mb/520Mb read/write.


Works well with no fuss. Bought it with price and quality in mind. Not using it for other than pics and files.

Video Card

Bought this one second hand when the new 10 series cards rolled out. I had a Asus Strix 980 before, that I was very happy with. But I could not stop myself when these great cards dropped so much in price. I bought it and then sold my 980. Difference was 70$.

Everything was great, but the soundlevel of this card in load in a tight case were much higher than my old 980.

Thought I had to live with that noise, but then I found the NZXT Kraken G10 GPU bracket in a complete build here, in the same case. Copy paste and problem cured. 25-27c at idle and 50-55 in heavy stress testing and no fans blowing like jet engines!


I really like the look and size of this case. Came from the cm130 elite case and this feels much bigger and easier to work in, but fact is that its not that much bigger. Slimmer but higher. Cable management was a dream compared and qulity feel is higher. Cooling wise its a lot better with many possible solutions.

Wanted the window case first but i found this one at a local store with damage to the cardboard box it shipped in to a reduced price, no damage to the case tough.

Very pleased with it!

Power Supply

I have the 700 model but I could not find it when part picking. Not much to say about it, quiet with active fan and fully modular. One reason why I bought it was the 140mm length and good reviews. No complaints so far.

Case Fan

These are great fans and I like the sober looks. I messed up a little when i choosed the high speed versions as I never have to use their full capacity. I thought why not, I will use a fan controller anyway to adjust speed but the problem is that you can not decrease the rpm as low as the normal speed versions when everything is in idle. But they are still just hearable at their lowest settings and the sound is from air flowing and not vibrations or such.

I have connected them to the NZXT Grid+ V2 digital fan controller and using cam software to manage all settings. Like that better than the motherboard because I can choose either gpu or cpu temp sensor as reference. Everything about the cooling is now managed with CAM except for the H55 pump.

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  • 41 months ago
  • 1 point

How did you connect so many fans to the two fan headers? I have 3 case fans and 1 CPU Cooler fan and wondering how best to connect these to the mobo.

  • 41 months ago
  • 2 points

I bought the nzxt grid+ v2 fan hub. It has 6 fan headers. The Nzxt kraken x41 water cooling has 2 fan outlets in its own cabling, for push pull config. Then I have the Corsair H55 push pull connected to a 2 way splitter in the grid fan hub. All in all I have 8 fans connected including the G10 gpu cooling bracket. 6 connected to fan hub and 2 in the x41 cooling.

BTW, the Asus Rog mini itx motherboard that I use have 4 fan headers including cpu fan! Then you can use splitters to connect more fans to your existing headers.

  • 41 months ago
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Ahh ok, I am a bit short with my msi z170i with just one CPU and one Fan header... I ll look that up, I want an even quieter system in mine with fans at low revs.

  • 41 months ago
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I checked out your build, looks very small and neat! Its pretty easy to get a quiet system in idle/low load, but much harder when you start to push the system with all that high performance parts. I went the middle way, Its quiet enough for me at idle, with only the watercooling whirring just a little, and when everything is in full load the noise level stay very low. Biggest upgrade to reduce high load noise was the G10 GPU bracket. My 980ti card was not the quietest in a small chassi, but now thats cured!

  • 41 months ago
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Hi Thanks, I actually upgraded that built into a new case (Fractal Define Nano S). I will upload the build in few days as I am waiting for other bits.

My findings have been a mixed bag really, the RVZ02 was quiet as long as I wasn't playing (only fan spinning that one of the CPU cooler) but noise (and hot!) whilst gaming. With the Define Nano is a bit of the other way, a but more noisy (due to the case fans, none in the RVZ02) during normal use but quieter and approximately 10 to 15 degC. Overall quite happy now, just wnat it a bit quieter.