Just finished leak testing the loop after 13hours, many troubles for a newbie. D:


Things I learned:

Upside-down motherboard text while trying to plug in the tiny front-panel connectors is a #$&%@ I'm glad Asus has the connector that is easier to install.

Buying extra fittings was the best thing I did. One of the fittings' collar did not fit over the barb correctly. Thankfully I bought 1 extra.

Soft tubing is VERY hard to get over the barbs (atleast in my case with 3/8 by 5/8) I had to put alot of force to get the tubing onto the barbs. The case was shaking as I was putting it on with how much force it took (I should've stretched or heated them.)

No plan ever goes well. Stupid me forgot to buy sharp scissors and the ones I had were awful. I had to put the loop on hold for a day to get a new pair.

Don't have excess tubing, Some tubes are way too long, the outlet from pump/res into rad, rad to rad, are just too long and I will fix them.

Buying 60, or 90 fittings would've saved me alot of time. I originally had the bottom rad feed directly into the front rad with both ports next to eachother, however with how my tubing was (above) I had to swap the ports to the top.

Only one small leak with the fitting mentioned above nothing big few drops.

Drain system works perfectly, glad I copied how it works from a previous 600c build.

Copper GPU block looks good, wish the Nickel was in stock though :c

Air bubbles sounded just like small drips and I had probably 20+ "OH #*%$ NO" moments and never learned.

The 600c is honestly NOT GOOD for cable management, I had to leave alot of things unmanaged because of the lack of cable tie points. Seriously, there's only 5. I do LOVE the SSD mounting though.

Not having a 5.25 is perfect as that leaves alot of room to shove the 24pin in.

For anyone looking at this case, a small note is that your frontpanel connectors come out of the center grommet on the left when they need to come out the top. You can install an HDD and route them under it so they do not show.

The 600c loves fingerprints. Everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

If I spent maybe another $50 or so on 60/90 fittings, and stretched the tubes beforehand I would've saved myself alot of trouble.

Some things I still need to do:

Fans, new fans come in on Tuesday, changing those out will look much better (The new Corsair ML Pros White LED)

Cables, new cables come in on Thursday, the cablemod cables I have now are honestly bad. they're thin and do not hold their shape after 8+months of training in my previous build. MainframeCustoms extensions should be much better.

GPU, So I got a bad 1080. :c LOTS of coil whine at anything over 2Ghz. 1,999 and it's fine. Odd. (Already in the process of RMA thanks EVGA for being awesome).

Pump/Res, re mount with anti-vibration. I can feel the case vibrating when I touch it.

I will be going with hard tubing around Christmas. I might try my hand at Glass thanks to JayzTwoCents video on how easy it is.

Maybe some LEDs, I think the ML fans will be enough though.

Fix the USB 3, So when swapping cases I pulled too hard on the USB 3 and the pins got bent. Nothing major since the Deluxe has alot of USBs on it, but I will be using tweezers to fix it.

Pump cables look awful. When will EK charge like $5 or even $10 for them to sleeve it. I would gladly pay for it.

I might try my hand at sleeving it, but when I get around to managing everything with the new cables I might just hide it.


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First custom loop I've seen in the 600c. It's nice to see the work behind a water cooled build.

  • 42 months ago
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great build two things i would change 1 fix cable management up a bit 2 get rid of that tan case fan i know its a good fan but it looks BAD with that good looking rig

  • 42 months ago
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The description says he's changing them already.

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Hey how is the mobo?

  • 42 months ago
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Great, Lots of features and enough USBs that I got rid of my 10port hub.

  • 42 months ago
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Not bad, I caught a lot of flack because my first loop/cables looked like **** also. I wouldn't worry, you'll get better with practice.

  • 42 months ago
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Im getting a new build soon. Do you recommend the 600C, the 2TB Barracuda and the GPU? Same componets as I wanted tho :D

  • 42 months ago
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GPU, Yes. HD, It's good, don't get the 3TB version lots of issues. 600c, I'd look at alot of cases as this one is kinda a "love it or hate it" and has alot of small things that really make it annoying.