I desperately needed an upgrade from my old Samsung laptop. My laptop got me through highschool and all of college, approximately 10 years. It was a trooper and as a result I thought it would be appropriate to name my new PC The Trooper because it will continue where my old laptop left off and last me another 10+ years (hopefully). The purpose of this PC is to work from home (I'm an engineer) and to play games, although work is a priority for me, none of my friends have PCs so I'd be playing alone. But seeing how online gaming is free (unlike PS4) I figured I'd give myself some leg room if I wanted to expand my PC gaming library.

Overall I've had a great experience with this PC, the only issues I've had is with RGB and that is negligible compared to other issues I could be facing. Restart times are super fast (I've never had SSD before). As I continue to use my PC I will try to keep track of the temps, voltage and whatever else people care about so that this build is informative to others. If you have any requests or questions regarding my build I'm happy to answer them however I can.

The prices shown here are not accurate, I purchased a lot of the components on sale during the month of November and some in December. I relied on the buildapcsales channel on reddit to keep me updated on sales.

Comments on components:

CASE I immediately loved the white Lian Li case because I did not want a big black box in my room and I didn't regret my decision, the case is huge and is very easy to take apart although it came with no fans. If you're going to buy a case I suggest you buy it in person. I initially ordered it from amazon and it was wrecked, I had to return it. I have no car so travelling to buy a case was not my number one option but I should've known better.

FANS For case fans I wanted no RGB, I wanted plain black fans and I purchased the arctic P12 fans. These are excellent, they are super cheap about $9 each in New York and they make no noise it's amazing, I would highly recommend these fans to individuals on a budget.

MOTHERBOARD The motherboard selection was the most intense, I read good reviews on the TUF Gaming x570-plus WIFI motherboard and it was on sale so I went for it. I was impressed that the motherboard had a USB-C port and two M.2 slots one of them with a heatsink (clearly I didn't do enough research if I didn't know this before). I can say the motherboard works very well the only problems I have is with the RGB. The default software 'Armoury Crate' has no use, it never works. I downloaded 'Aura Sync' and that software let me control the RGB of the motherboard but for some reason the LEDs stay on when the PC is in sleep mode. Yes I have checked the BIOS multiple times and changed setting to Aura Off or Stealth Mode but the LEDs stay on anyways and the BIOS settings default to 'on' by itself. Help?

CPU The CPU is great, it's more than I personally would ever need, 8-core at 3.6Ghz each is a huge upgrade from my dual core, 2.3Ghz laptop. The cooler that came with the CPU (Spire?) is decent, I think I will get an AIO pump eventually but for now I can deal with it because my case allows for good airflow (I will update temps soon). I was not expecting the cooler to have RGB, its a nice touch and I keep the ring on red because it looks the smoothest.

GRAPHICS CARD The graphics card is great, I don't do intense gaming or work so it's more than enough for me. I mostly play Elder Scrolls Online and RuneScape3 and I can play on High and ultra settings respectively with no problems at all. I have not tried Ultra settings on Elder Scrolls but I will update when I have a chance. Overall the Graphics card is awesome, the software to control the RGB is excellent although I keep the lights off because I don't like it. I went for the MSI version because I heard good things about the VRM heatsink and MSI in general and I was willing to pay a little extra for reliability.

MONITOR The monitor I pretty much went for what I saw on sale on the reddit page. It's a great monitor, I use the DisplayPort from my PC and the HDMI from my PS4 and I can switch between the inputs easily to use either system. Unfortunately after about 2-3 weeks of use I already have a rogue green pixel. I'm not sure if and when I should exchange it for a new one but I really don't feel like going through the trouble right now.

RAM RAM is RAM I went for what was on sale and Corsair is a reliable company. No problems here, first time I've had more than 4Gb of RAM.

STORAGE Storage I went for the 860 QVO because it was cheap. I bought a second 1Tb storage SSD the EVO (I thought they were the same when i made the purchase lol) to have as an external backup drive where I can save image files of my OS and store my files and games.

KEYBOARD I got lucky with the keyboard. I didn't want any clicking sounds or RGB that was always on. I settled on the Cynosa Chroma after hitting the keys a bit and holy moly this keyboard is great. The 'Synapse' software lets you control the LED of each individual key and they have tons of effects to choose from. I customized the shitake out of my keyboard RGB even though I didn't care for it. The only thing that sucks is that I can't control screen brightness, but you can control volume and you can put your computer to sleep with it. I highly recommend it to anyone.

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Lookin good! Sorry I couldn't give you a better answer on my build, was at work and was going off the top of my head. My motherboard LEDs are always on, when sleeping or powered off. I'm not sure of a work around aside from what you have tried, as far as while it's sleeping. If it's bothering you while it is off (if you ever power it off, you might just always have it go to sleep, hence the problem), you can always turn off the psu and kill it completely. Sorry I couldn't give more info, hope you enjoy your build!

  • 1 month ago
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Hey there I found the solution!! the software 'Aura Sync' controls the rgb of the motherboard, there is a tab labelled 'sync at shutdown' this is where you control the rgb when the PC is in sleep mode, I changed the setting to off and now the rgb turns off when in sleep mode woohoo!! The default was set to rainbow.

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I forgot about that option! I stopped using aura sync after a day or so, glad to hear you got it solved!