HERE is my new planned build that I will someday buy and I also go into a tad more detail as to how I feel about these parts and etc.

Back in 2017, at the peak of my patience for Microsoft with their broken promises on gaming, I took it upon myself to study computer building for 4 months whilst finishing my senior year of high-school. This is the result of that. This took the duration of May 2017 till the end of June I think to have enough from working my crappy job.

The build is amazing in my opinion, it gets all the jobs done in gaming and never struggled AT ALL for 1080p and can run somewhat High settings at 4K.

I use it for gaming, college when I was going, and movies and Youtube.

I highly recommend this build, my only gripes would be to use a different case, do not be edgy like me and use a old case that no one can buy. This case is roomy but it is outdated when it comes to the Quality of Life department such as the front panel being a pain to take off as you have to take off the back panel to access removing the front just to clean filters and fans mind you, and the panels are annoying to slide back on as I have done this nearly a 100 times.

Looking back, I feel lucky that the case managed to work.

The build still runs great, I would just like to have a beefier CPU and 32gb ram for a beefier 4K gaming experience and the cpu I have my eyes set on (i7-9600K), is not compatible with this motherboard. Yes I could gut this one and shelf the parts but my girlfriend is into gaming and loves my PC so I just rather have 2 for us as a future-safe.

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  • 2 months ago
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Edgy case, I like it :)