i got the pictures :)

He had quite a large budget and didnt want to upgrade his pc for another 5 years or so

CPU: good high end perfect for gaming :)

CPU cooler: massive pain to install but it looks quite good but i dont know about setting up corsair link and so to be honest i probably wont. is 42 celcius a bit high? when i checked in the bios that is what it said and same for 'coretemp'

Motherboard: awesome all the stuff he needed and the looks too also 1button overclocking may come in handy later on

RAM: yeah for gaming so 8gb is perfect, looks good performs well so yeah what more could we ask for :)

Storage: originally planned to get an SSD aswell but the truck driver had some problems so in the end it has been cancelled and i suggested he just use intel srt or an ocz synapse

GPU: yes i know i could've gotten a GTX 770 but at the time of choosing parts where i looked (UK) the gtx 770 seemed quite a bit more expensive and also this fitted with the colour scheme

Wifi Card: it works i guess so yeah...

Case: My god this case looks incredible and is also a really good one for cable managment of which i spent about 1hr on my other build neatly organising the back of the computer so the panel could be put on, this took about 10seconds as there is so much space. only problem is the routing gromets arent very good and came off a few times when shoving cables through

PSU: shouldve gotten 600w but whatever this works fine for now its a fault on my behalf

Optical Drive: it works

OS: He got for £37 of Ebay and it works and all so what am i to complain

Keyboard: it worked for an hour but as soon as i left it has stopped and he has no idea what to do, if you've read this far can you give any suggestions :) EDIT it has been returned with a full refund

Mouse: its freaking awesome, looks great, 8200dpi i think and a ton of reprogrammable buttons also forgot to mention he got razer goliathus mouse mat its quite nice to use

any feedback is greatly appreciated, especially about help with the keyboard and the high temps on cpu

inside the case the CPU cooler is in the back so the back exhaust fan is at the front as an intake and the top fan is where the air gets exhausted from :)


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I'm running 33C idle with a Thermaltake Frio Air cooler on my core i5-2500k at 4.4GHz. That is with the C1 halt enabled in BIOS on my Gigabyte motherboard. So, it's effectively running on 33C at 1.6GHz.

With all that being said, if I were you I would Check your idle clock speed (to see if it IS slower while idling) to determine if it's 42C at 3.4 GHz (which isn't unreasonable) or 42C at ~1.6GHz.

And with all of THAT being said, you should be more worried about your load temp. 42C isn't that bad if your load temp is low. A good way to check your load temp is with Prime95.

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Why did you say you should've gotten a 600w psu? 500 is fine for what you have and i doubt 600 is good enough for sli.

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he had the CPU and GPU both overclocked and they system crashed as it was drawing too much power so now he only has the CPU overclocked and the GPU barely pushed up a bit, 600w PSU would give me another 50-100w to overclock with. yeah i wasnt looking at it for SLI but more headroom for Overclocking :)

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ah i see

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  1. The 660ti is much slower than the 670. There is a difference that warrants the price difference.

  2. The corsair CX series is the cheapest reliable psu on the market.

  3. The h80i outperforms the H60 any day.

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i told him to get GD45 but he said he wanted the best so its his PC whatever, 670 is a fair bit better than 660ti (from what i saw) the H60 i dunno i didnt see it and i know the H80i is a good cooler so i think i will get him to reapply thermal paste and it will cool the CPU beautifuly