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David's Black, White, & Grey build

by davidcruz44



Date Published

Sept. 5, 2016

Date Built

Sept. 3, 2016

CPU Clock Rate


CPU Temperature While Idle

35.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

95.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate


GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate


GPU Temperature While Idle

28.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

75.0° C


This isn't a fully new system. My previous rig had an i5-3470, Corsair H60, 8 GB's of RAM, MSI Z77-G41 Mobo, EVGA GTX 780 SC, Creative SB Audigy sound card, Corsair CX600, Kinsgton V300 120Gb SSD, WD red 2tb , and the NZXT Source 210 for the case. I didn't have enough money to fully deck out a new pc , so I only did the core upgrades, and a few aesthetically pleasing things here and there. I kept the CPU Cooler, GPU, Sound Card, SSD, HDD, and power supply. I did uprgade to an Intel i7-6700K, 16GB's of EVGA SC RAM at 3200MHz(CAS 16), ASUS Z170-E, black & white cable extensions from Phanteks, and lastly the case, being the Deepcool Dukase V2.

Intel core i7-6700K : This was the main reason I upgraded, because my old i5-3470 wasn't cutting it for video editing. I only do 1080p editing in Adobe Premire Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop at the moment, so this a CPU can definitely handle my work load. I'll most likely be upgrading my camera rig in a few months though, so I should also be safe with editing 4k in the future. Also, I managed to overclock it to a stable 4.7GHz, but I ended up clocking it down to 4.5GHz with a core voltage of 1.325V for temperature reasons.

Corsair H60- I scavenged this from my previous rig and it seems to be handling the i7 pretty well. I got the H60 for $30 roughly 2 years ago refurbished from Fry's and it's still running with no problems. I may possibly paint it white or gun metal grey in the future. What do you guys think?

Asus Z170 -E : This was probably the best motherboard I could find less than $115. I got it from my local Microcenter with an included rebate for a total of $95. Overall, it has and does everything i need it to do just fine. I can obtain great overclocks, 2 way SLI, and much more.

EVGA SuperClocked RAM 16GB: I also bought this from Microcenter for just $55, And it was clocked at 3200MHz! It was on the clearance rack, so that's how I got it so cheap. The 16Gb's really allows me to do anything I want. I can have both After Effects and Premier Pro running at the same time.

EVGA GTX 780 SC ACX: I also took this from my old rig. I felt no need to upgrade since I don't game all to often, and when I do, it's at 3440 x 1400. I manage to achieve high to ultra on most games hovering around 60FPS with occasional dips in really graphically intensive areas.

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy RX 7.1: Also taken from old rig. I didn't want to spend too much on a DAC so this seemed like a good and cheaper alternative. Music and monitoring audio on my AKG K240's is super crisp at high volumes so i'm glad with this.

Kingston V300 120GB & WD 2TB Red: Both from old rig. The SSD obviously has the OS and important programs, and the HDD has extra files, movies, video, photos, backups, etc.

Corsair CX600: From old rig. Only down side about this PSU is that it's non-modular, but with the case i'm using, it's alright.

Deepcool Dukase V2: Probably the best case money can buy if you're looking for something under or at $50. Check my review for more details. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d33lQ0_uLI0

Phanteks Black & White cables: Only for aesthetics. My PSU has nasty ROYGBIV cables, and i couldn't deal with them any more so I upgraded. Also, if you going to order cable combs, ALWAYS get the flexible ones. The hard ABS one's killed my f**king fingers.


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JohnDelaGuardia 1 Build 2 points 12 months ago

I was aiming for something similar in terms of lighting but mine ended up with UV lighting instead. Nice work!

Trinergy 6 Builds 2 points 12 months ago

Love the rebuild. Case is really nice. Your fan setup looks good too. Top intake to feed cooler and front intake to feed GPU. If anything add another front fan for more front to back airflow. Check out the Phanteks PH-F140 HP2 as a replacement for your H60 fan. It is oversized but has 120mm mounting holes as either all white or white frame and black fan. I just picked one up to replace an 212 EVO fan and it dropped temps by 10 degrees while being quieter. Amazon had them for $13.60 as of yesterday.

davidcruz44 submitter 1 Build 1 point 12 months ago

Definitely agree, I'll probably pick up some silenced oriented fans in the future. Currently , the PC isn't too loud, but it's definitely not optimal for sound.

Gooberdad 7 Builds 2 points 12 months ago

"Stay classy..." That's what comes to mind when I look at the completed build with the back lighting.

Thumbs up. +1

davidcruz44 submitter 1 Build 2 points 12 months ago

Exactly, always Stay Classy!

ArichieR.06 2 points 12 months ago

I am trying to save my money and not buy what I don't need, as I am a bit of a noob because I have always been a mac gamer xD...... Mac can say bye bye now cause Im don with that bull **** :)

Hay man So can this computer run games like Bf4 and 1 and like GTA5??

If so, more then 50fps??


Gooberdad 7 Builds 2 points 12 months ago

That 780 is a badass card. The 780ti was even more. Both can be found used on ebay for around $200 and less

davidcruz44 submitter 1 Build 1 point 12 months ago

Yeah, I normally play GTA 5, COD Advanced Warfare, Project Cars, etc , and I usually run them all on high settings with a few other extra settings like TXAA on X2. I generally 60FPS 90% of the time..

ArichieR.06 2 points 12 months ago



Great work :)

davidcruz44 submitter 1 Build 1 point 12 months ago


Pixal 1 Build 2 points 12 months ago

Loving the case, GPU is what I'm looking for, might use the same 780

davidcruz44 submitter 1 Build 1 point 12 months ago

If I was you, I'd wait a little more and get a 980 or something better. The 780 isn't the quietest thing.

Echoskull7098 2 points 12 months ago

+1 for the Casey Neistat in the background of one of your shots :)

Melch_Man 2 points 11 months ago

Dude nice lil tree +1

AndrewWhichard 1 point 12 months ago

Not really expensive, INTEL i7 6700k Processor!

Nice Job. Will most likely be building this one!

newbee_in_pc 1 point 12 months ago

Is this really good case guys? Case how the intake fans get air and the exhaust at top how it will be exhausted (sorry bad at english)

comics 1 point 11 months ago

your GPU is bending, nooooo!!!! :(

bhakti_das 1 Build 1 point 7 months ago

Damn, finally some good pictures XD. Great build!

FrogHermit 1 point 7 months ago

Hi i'm just wondering would 280mm fans/312mm radiator fit on the top of the dukase?

brycen2250 1 Build 1 point 4 months ago

how many fan mounts does this case have

[comment deleted]
davidcruz44 submitter 1 Build 1 point 12 months ago

Same. I would upgrade, but i'm out of money for the time being. :(

[comment deleted]