Hey guys, meet Fenris. My first PC and my first build. I have never had a setup before so everything is new, including the monitor, peripherals and even the desk. :)

So starting off, this was an exciting 6 months for me as I planned, sourced and built everything. I was so new to this computer thing that to the point where I didn't even know that PSU’s were a thing, I’ve always thought it was just one plug to the wall (well technically it is but y‘know what I mean).

This PC will be used for gaming, content creation and school work :). I wanted a PC that I wouldn’t have to upgrade for the coming years. Although, I learned that upgrading and the evolution of technology is inevitable. I first wanted an Intel system, with a 9700k and a 2070 super but that all soon changed when the tech community in youtube and reddit snatched me to team red. It’s nice to see competition as it is beneficial for us consumers :D.

Back to the PC. Building was super fun even though wiring was tedious. H115i is gorgeous. ROG Strix might be my favorite enthusiast brand in terms of aesthetics. Trident Z is nicest thing ever, I'm happy I chose this over the vengeance pro. LL120's and LL140 are the best looking fans out there, (pricey tho but worth it IMO). Mobo is stunning, I wish I could afford the Crosshair VIII Wi-Fi but I had a budget (even though I went way over it lmao). PSU is good, modular is a big plus but I needed most of the wires anyway haha. NVMe is insanely fast, SSD's are super fast as well, happy I don't have any HDD's (more SSD's to come). Monitor is the nicest thing I've ever had (obviously, it's my first time lol, will 'maybe' buy a PG279Q in the future). Lastly, the case is AMAZINGGG, lights go crazy, future-proof and utterly beautiful. Since I was young, I've been a big fan of Marvel, this caused me to buy some funko pops and I hope to collect all Avengers funko pops for the setup.

My upcoming goals with this computer:

  • Upgrade keyboard to Huntsman Elite (Ornata is temporary)
  • Upgrade mobo when I upgrade CPU (long-term)
  • A better sound system
  • Dual monitors
  • Add two more sticks of the same ram (I added this on the parts list because I'll be doing it soon)
  • Try some overclocking

Some issues I encountered / still encounter:

  • 3700X is idling at 1.4v, but temps are cool due to my amazing cooler but I would love some input on how to resolve this as it is not healthy for the CPU. Ryzen master is reporting the same thing as ROG CPU-Z and it is driving me crazy. pls help D:
  • (will add more when I encounter more)

Fast forward to now, I almost know everything there is about computers; from PCIe slots to distro plates to CPU sockets to RAM timings. Looking back, even thought it wasn’t that long ago, it’s crazy to me how I didn’t know that there were more types of storage than just HDD’s hahaha. The content I’ve watched on youtube and the articles I’ve read gave me so much knowledge and to be honest it’s been a crazy wild ride and I’m super thankful. If you can't tell yet, this whole process has been sentimental.

To whoever is reading this, set some goals and do your best to reach those goals, I promise you’ll be satisfied and happy in the end. As you reach those goals, make new ones and as you move, you learn. Now, a goal of mine for the future is to create a beautiful open-loop system, I hope to post it here as well. As I’m still a student, it will have to be a long term goal. I promise that I’ll get there. Thanks guys! <3

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  • 2 months ago
  • 2 points

Nice and clean build!

  • 1 month ago
  • 2 points

Nice build, but why didn't you put the aio cables through the top like the CPU cables? It could definitely improve cable management. But still, awesome build!

  • 1 month ago
  • 2 points

Also doing RAID on those two 2.5" Samsungs would make your PC have even more killer speed.