I decided to build my PC because i was tired of my crappy old PC and i wanted to be able to stream with out my computer trying to commit Seppuku. I named my computer Ace after Fire Fist Ace from One Piece after i got my red 1070 for a really good price. I have been enjoying my time with my PC being able to stream game play at well over 60 fps.

The only 2 build problem i had was getting the fans to work using the RGB functionality on them (still a problem only cause they work just not to the fullest ability and im lazy) and getting the computer to notice both my Hard drive and my M.2 and it was because my friend and i were placing the M.2 in the wrong slot for about a hour. We figured it all out and laughed, it was a great time just to be building a PC with one of my best friends. I totally recommend that if your building a PC and have a friend that likes computers that building it with them makes the experience all the better.

*I love my build and if your interested in anything i used to build i would be more then happy to answer any questions! XD

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