Building this computer was a lot of fun. The NFC case is really well built and does a great job. I realized that as it stands in the US market (2019) there isn't anything greater than a 1660 Ti that will fit without modding something. Clearance for the GPU means overall height cannot be more than ~4.5 in. I was a little disappointed I couldn't fit a 2070 or greater but the 1660 Ti does a great job and in The Division 2 in 2-4K resolutions, I had very playable frame rates (with tweaking as only an idiot thinks ultra everything is the only way)which is surprisingly good. Building inside this case is not for a novice or at least if they want to do it well and have God Tier cable management. That being said I built everything in about 45 minutes only rerouting some cables to get them out of the way and looped through the gap in the ribbon cable over the PCIe slot for example.

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That's a really well balanced pc you have there great choice on components, and the case is awesome!