This build is my first PC build and it was quick and easy. I mainly built this machine for GTA V and other games. A couple days in, I can say I really love this case. My only issue is the motherboard, it has only 3 fan ports and I had a little trouble getting it installed in my case.

Pros: - Processor is powerful, best I have ever had. - The case is very easy to do cable management in, a rotating table (Lazy Susan) is very helpful so you don't have to pick up your PC to rotate it. - Motherboard has plenty of USB's and was beginner friendly. - GPU is still powerful and can max out most of today's games. - Plenty of zip ties.

Cons: - Processor fan is very loud and complicated to install. - One of the hinges on the front panel had been bent.

Part Reviews


Very good cheap processor.


Solid motherboard, a little confusing for first time builders.

Video Card

Good graphics card for today's games! I get to max out most of my games and get a constant 60fps. In some games I notice tearing, not sure if its my monitor or the game...


Awesome case, although, the front panel restricts airflow a little bit.

Operating System

Easy to use OS!

Wireless Network Adapter

Works great with no issues.


  • 56 months ago
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Need to get more pics uploaded so we can have a better look at the work. As far as the fan situation goes, I'd suggest getting a splitter or a fan controller if you are wanting to add more fans. Sure, you might not be able to get an accurate read out of the fans speeds (If you got the splitter route anyway) but the point is to get a cooler case right? (I mean how much fun can you really have staring at the screen changing the fans rpms?)

The parts lists looks good in my book though. Always fun to see one that isn't Intel. For the price point I'd say it is a great build. Toss in an SSD and this thing will be right on point.

  • 56 months ago
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Thank you for your positive review! I will definitely consider getting a fan controller.

  • 56 months ago
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consider getting a corsair commander mini if you want to control your fans from the OS and not have to have anything visibly mounted where the fans plug into it, its pretty small and can be placed in the bottom area of your case. Nice build though :)

  • 56 months ago
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Thank you for your recommendation, I have been wandering clueless on how to control fan speed!

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What kinda benchmarks are you getting on GTA V (If you've had time to install)? I'd add a 250GB/500GB SSD for the OS (depending if you want to reinstall Windows though) other than that nice build!

  • 13 months ago
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This is definetly a great budget build, but I think the only thing you could do to get performance up is perhaps replacing the AIO if it's causing problems and then place the graphics card on the top PCIE slot for more performance, especially if you're playing such a CPU and GPU intense game like GTA V. But overall a really awesome build for the price.