Just built my first PC to get into gaming at 1440p 144hz and VR, and decided while I'm at it to be a little fancy with the RGB fans as well as going with a white color scheme instead of black. I chose the Corsair 220T Airflow case, a smaller one than most, and did run into a few compromises from that smaller size I want to bring up.

The 3.5 inch hard drive bay had to be removed to install the PSU and be able to plug in cables. I tested that I was able to get the drive bay back in after completing, but it is a really tight squeeze against the cables coming out of the PSU, so I have left it out for now. Instead I plan on adding a 2TB 2.5'' hard drive for storage that I can easily put in.

The 2nd and most significant hurdle I came across was installing the H100i AIO cooler. I would NOT recommend this cooler for the simple fact that the supplied radiator screws did not fit properly. The radiator's screw-holes are way too tight to reasonably force them in, and this was after I already had to use an abnormal amount of force to screw the fans onto it. I ended up improvising using some of the hard drive screws that came with the case, which did securely mount the radiator to the top of the case. However, there was another issue created from the combination of the case, motherboard, and AIO: the area around the IO shield of the motherboard sticks out enough to block the radiator from fitting correctly above it. As a result, only 6 out of 8 of the radiator's screw holes were used so I could allow the radiator to angle just enough to fit in over the IO shield, and I wish the case were just a bit taller to avoid this problem. Everything looks fine and functions perfectly well in the end, but given the bad screw design and the other trouble this part caused me, the AIO is a part I regret buying. As a last building note on the AIO, with this motherboard the pump needs to be plugged to the CPU Fan Header before mounting its radiator, or the fan header would be near impossible to reach. The CPU's Power cable must also be connected to the motherboard before the radiator goes on.

I added another Corsair LL fan as rear exhaust to match the AIO's, while the intake fans that came with the case are Corsair SP fans.

All other parts were installed smoothly and work as expected.

Part Reviews


Its an Intel, its what I'm familiar with, it runs the computer and plays games well. Don't waste additional money on the i9.

CPU Cooler

Screw holes are too small. Took a ton of effort to screw the fans on. Included radiator mount screws would not screw in at all and required a smaller substitute.
It looks really pretty and keeps my CPU nice and cool, but the assembly defect is pretty severe for the premium payed.


A great IO assortment including 4 USB 2.0s, 5 USB 3.0s, and a USB-C. Wifi and Bluetooth both work great, which is good as I lack ethernet in my room. BIOS is simple enough to navigate and set fan curves, and through Gigabyte's software I set the LEDs to white to match my build.


32GB over 16GB for future proofing, and the look fits my build. The low profile size also ensures the radiator had a chance of fitting in my case.

Video Card

Was set on getting a 2070 Super, but didn't know which one. Saw a white one existed to fit the build and went for it. It is quite bulky, the far end sags down slightly. No complaints on its game performance and temperatures peak at a comfortable 62 C. Fans are quiet - they don't even start up until around 50 C. The card has some minor coil whine - it is not a high pitch whine but more of a lower pitched electrical buzz so it isn't as bad as it could be.
Unlike some other 2070 Supers, there is no USB-C port.


It is a nice small case for a full ATX board. This can lead to some incompatibility issues in building, but I feel that is something one should be wary of when choosing one this small.

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  • 4 months ago
  • 3 points

All white builds are always nice, nicely done. Have funn with it

  • 4 months ago
  • 2 points

I have been looking every where for a good pc build. Knowing a little bit about computers I know what I want in a pc. So, when I came across this build I was immediately drawn to it. This is a very well built and well looking machine. I can say now with confidence that this will be the computer I will have in my next set up. Although there are 2 small changes I will be making. One being that I will be using the NZXT H510i case. Second I will be adding more storage, due to the fact that I already have a lot of used storage on my current pc. I do use and external 10 terabyte hard drive, but with a couple 500 gig ssd it will be much better for my use. Sick build man would love to talk more about it when you get some more experience with it so I can learn some of the things you like and dislike about it, Thank you.

  • 14 days ago
  • 1 point

have you completed your build ? or how’s it coming along??

  • 4 months ago
  • 1 point

I actually really like that case. The front panel looks really good. You should buy an adapter to vertically mount the GPU so you can show off the shroud. It would go nicely with the rest of the build, though it would probably use up all of your PCIE slots, so if you attach anything else that uses PCIE, you would no longer be able to vertically mount it.

  • 27 days ago
  • 1 point

Is the gpu a 3 fan or two fan heard it’s hard to fit the 300mm ones in?