Hello All,

This computer was not built for gaming, Just to be a daily workhorse. I was sick of using my wife's old laptop and it was time to upgrade. My key theme here was to go with a reasonable budget, but maintain the opportunity for high-end upgrades in the future if I later decide that. I purchased everything from Newegg, I know I probably could have found some slightly better prices, but they have a distribution warehouse nearby and I was able to satisfy my instant gratification needs. A couple of the accessories were impulse buys for a good deal. Also, I wasn't originally planning on doing the SSD, but I think I got a good price on it and added it in too.

I primarily use the computer first for basic email and web surfing. Next, I do a lot of circuit design software for school, and use MS Word and Excel a lot. Beyond that, I don't do too much, but I want to have the possibility of gaming, and in a couple years when the warranties are out I wanna try overclocking.

So far, all has worked perfectly. The case does have some slight difficulty with arranging cables, but nothing a little extra patience can't solve. Also, the case's front pre-installed fan lead can't reach the motherboard, and I have to use the molex extender to power it. I wish I could see it on the bios but oh well. Also, the PSU looks sick with the LED fan! I ended up mounting it with the fan inside the case, for looks and also as an extra exhaust fan. Now I have 2 fans for intake and 2 for exhaust, plus the stock CPU cooler.

The first boot went PERFECTLY... I was almost surprised. First thing I did was update the bios to the newest version. Only one slight issue, the RAM is 1866Mhz, but only showed up as 1600 Mhz. A simple tweak in the bios fixed that and now it's running great.

I haven't ran any intense benchmarking stuff yet... I'm just a bit worried about CPU temperature. I tried a bit of intense stuff and the temps got up around 58C... I have to research what temps are allowable before I go much further than that.

Also, installation of drivers and software was very quick. The video card was crazy cheap, but seems to be doing everything I need it to for now. I'm gonna try a few older games and see how it does.

This computer maxes out the Windows performance score in all but Graphics and Aero. Lowest was in Aero with a 4.7, graphics were a 6.2. Everything else was in the mid/high 7s. Let me know if you have any questions, and sorry there aren't more pics, I was building too fast and not worrying about recording anything!

Update: I wanted to increase those Windows performance scores, so while monitoring the temps of my graphics card, I used the AMD Catalyst software to OC the GPU as high as it would let me. I am able to put the GPU at 725 MHz and memory clock at 900 MHz... The max temp the GPU saw was 64C but I bumped up the scores, Aero is now at 5.2 and graphics is at 6.4.


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Wow... not bad considering the price.

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how is the powersupply working for u , still ok?

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power source should skip not have the fan up.