05/30/2019: I switched up the fans: Intake on front and back Exhaust on top

A SATA-less build with two nvme M.2 drives. I have a blackmagic declink quad card on the way and that's why there is one open slot in the back. That card will add $995 plus tax to this build.

I choose a 1660 Ti because I want NVENC hardware encoding and the software listed below will not hardware encode with AMD cards.

It will be used in multi camera live video production using either vMix or Livestream Studio. vMix will add $700 in software costs.

Next up will be a Ballistic Plastic Rolling case to bring it on the road with me (Another $400).

It has not been OC'd and when it is, it will be minimal as I need stability for its role.

Sorry for the phone picture of the disk speed test. I took that to send to someone over SMS.

Try to use M.2 heat sinks in your builds. The will slow down when hot. This motherboard had one heat sink included. I zoomed in on the 3rd party heat sink.

If I could do it again, I would have went with an X series processor like the i7-7820X or better. I did not know the 9700K had a 16 lane limitation and I hope it will not affect the video ingestion.

[Maybe an LGA2066 build like this] in the future (

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I have not done a build in quite some time. This case made it 'easier' for me. I can honestly say everything powered up the first time I hit that power button. I don't think I will buy cases from anyone else.


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Nice build man! Do you need to flash the BIOS/UEFI for either the microprocessor or graphics card to work?

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I did not. Sorry for the delay. I just logged in today. I have to check for email notifications.

I did update to the latest MB bios because I was a few versions behind. I did that only to have a current BIOS.

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That is alright, I can wait. I think I shall get the Asus Prime B365M-A for the Intel Core i5-9400F in my future build; the earliest BIOS version of the Asus Prime B365M-A already supports the Intel Core i5-9400F.