Back in my second year of college I dumped almost every spare cent I had into my first build. It had a i5 750, 4 gigs of ram, and a HD 5770. Over time I have upgraded it a few times, currently it has a GTX 670, 8 gigs of ram, and a SSD.

Now that I've graduated and payed of all of my debts I figured it time to celebrate and get an upgrade. My goal was to make a quiet and decently portable system that had enough power to run AAA games @1440p/60hz. Still need to buy a 1440p monitor, currently have a 1080p@144hz monitor and a 19 inch.

Worth mentioning I ended up spending $1010 on the build. I had additional storage and peripherals from my old build that are not included on the part list.

PROCESSOR: I decided to go for the i5-4690k because it was only $220 at my local Micro Center. I very seriously considered a Intel Xeon E3-1231 V3 but figured the i5 being $30 cheaper and having the overclocking potential made it a better deal. I haven't done overclocking before but assuming the build holds stable for a week I'm going to give it a spin next weekend. When I try out the over clocking I will install my additional fans and update with what keeps the temps the lowest. When playing Civ 5 turns during the late game are much faster.

GRAPHICS CARD: Runs everything I've tried (MGSV and The Witcher 3) at the highest settings. I'll give Fallout 4 and GTA V a try as soon as Steam finishes downloading them.

MOTHERBOARD: Not much to say here, works and bios is fairly easy to navigate

CASE: Really like the case. The little tie loops and the deep back panel make cable management trivial. I took out the middle hard drive rack and moved the fan there to improve air flow. All in all the case is really solid and easy to work with. Only complaint us the cpu cutout didn't match my motherboard resulting in my having to take the motherboard back out to install the cpu fan. I've left the noise dampening foam in and I can't hear the computer when idle from my bed which is about 8 feet away. I'm currently letting the case's fan controller handle the case's fans leaving all 3 motherboard controllers available.

POWER SUPPLY: First time getting a modular psu and man does it make life much easier. In my last build 2 hdd slots are dedicated to holding unused wiring which also happens to be blocking a fan.

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