Hi Everyone

This is the final build for my small htpc. I hope you like it as much as I do. I had a few challenges but overall I am satisfy.

Casing Initially I wanted the RZ01 but it was to big for my TV cabinet so I decided to use the much smaller and still very neat ML06. It is of course very tight in this casing but it is just the right size for me. The brush aluminum front plate looks good. On the flip side I would have prefer more air filters.

APU I did not want to buy a graphic card and this APU provide very good performance for what I need. However the thermal load is quite high for this casing so I limited this one to 45W.

Motherboard This was my biggest disappointment.

  • The BIOS of this mother board is very limited

  • I can hear a high pitch coil noise

  • the north bridge dissipate a ridiculous amount of heat.

  • They did not respect the keep out zone for the memory slot locations which makes me buy low profile memory.

Next time I will stick with Asus mother board

Cooling I suppose many people are going to see this build and be surprised by the complexity of the cooling systems. But here are my 2 reasons:

  • I love air cooling, the big shuriken 2 is an amazing cooler (I used to design heatsink...)

  • The stock cooler without the case fans would have been ok. But this setup goes into a TV cabinet with no ventilation (at least before I drilled four 50mm holes)

The big shuriken 2 just fit right in the casing (if you don't install the useless top plate) it sucks air from top to bottom. The heat sink fins are properly oriented towards the casing fans. The heat pipe design is really impressive. It is very quite!

I installed the noctua fans using the low noise adaptor that come with it. I noticed that these fan are not that useful with the ultra low noise adaptor and very loud without any. In the hindsight I should have bought PWM fans. They are pushing hot air out of the case and the TV cabinet.

PSU This PSU is very quite and cool. Perfect for this build.

Storage The SSD is doing the job and I have a USB3 storage for media which I hope to replace one day with a big SSD.

I hope you guys liked it.


  • 57 months ago
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+1 Something about SFF PCs gets me. Great pics as well. How does the APU perform in games?

  • 57 months ago
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I'm wondering the same as well with the APU. Too bad about the issues with the gigabyte board. The one for the intel 1150 socket performs much better. You'd think they'd copy what they did over (outside the chipset of course). I'm also curious, can the heatsink be rotated 90 degrees?

+1 one the build overall. It looks like it should be able to handle HTPC duties quite well.

  • 57 months ago
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Thank you guys I appreciate you comments.

I had only time to play media so far due to an unexpected busy time. But I am looking forward to try it more. I don't think you can rotate this heatsink at least with the FM2+ bracket. For this casing it was a perfect orientation (as opposed to some noctua heat sink).

  • 57 months ago
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Nice specs. I would have liked to see a pic of the build all closed up and ready to run (or running in the TV cabinet). I suspect the board layout is a little weird because they had to put the WiFi card somewhere. I'm running a A8-7600 build as well; the graphics are perfect for day-to-day and HTPC use. The only thing I would suggest is to upgrade the RAM if you ever decide to use it as a Steam box or play games on it. The APU is dependent on system RAM for video, so more and faster RAM, like a 2-stick 8GB DDR-1866 or 2133 kit will make a big difference if you go that route. Otherwise, nice build. Enjoy! (+1)

  • 55 months ago
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Neat, I almost copied your build. But the system won't boot up even in the bios. Power supply/DVD Drive/HDD are fine.

Something wrong with motherboard,CPU or the RAM.

I was wondering if I have update the bios to support AMD-A8-7600

  • 53 months ago
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After using the PC a bit longer, do you still think the ST45SF is quiet? Many people say the 80+ Gold version gets loud after 250W of load or so, so I was wondering if the 80+ Bronze version fared any better.

  • 52 months ago
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I'm using the 45SF PSU and it's the quietest part of my build. The only time i can hear it is if i turn off all my case fans and put my head right up within a few inches of it. I'm not sure what my overall power load is in terms of wattage, but i'm using an i5-4690k (not overclocked) and a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 750Ti GPU. So i'm probably right up there in terms of power.

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I see. Very informative; thanks for the reply!

  • 50 months ago
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No special noise from the power supply so far.