This is the result of a continuous effort to upgrade my machine for better gaming performance pretty much consistently since I started building 3-4 years ago. The most recent changes are the Mobo/CPU combo, new DDR4 RAM, and the water cooling kit. EKWB does an amazing job making their waterblocks and other components, and I am incredibly impressed with both the quality and the customer service they have provided.

Note: Will upload pictures and more thorough performance reviews once everything is completely set up and has been tested.

Update 1: I have had an opportunity to try overclocking a bit and stress test the machine, and can I just say wow! I was able to push the CPU to 4.7Ghz and remain stable, I will definitely be trying to push it even farther.

The GPU I was able to essentially double the clock speed to 2.275Ghz. I haven't found anything that it can't handle yet.

I will be upgrading the PSU to something a little more robust soon so that I have a little more breathing room, as I have concerns that it could be overloaded while overclocking.

Finally, the cooling on the CPU is slightly less effective than I was hoping for, but I believe this is entirely because of the way my cooling loop is set up. I have the GPU getting the coolant directly from the reservoir then going to the CPU, and finally to the radiator before heading back to the reservoir. The reason I did the loop in this way was because previously, without the custom loop, the GPU produced the most heat and was the most limited thermally. Now, I am convinced that a second water loop would effectively do the job of cooling both. This will most likely take the form of a completely separate second loop.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the performance as it is right now and feel that I will definitely be able to keep using this machine with very little upgrading needed for some time. Of course, that doesn't mean that I won't upgrade a few things just because I can. I had a lot of fun building this and even managed to learn a bit too.

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  • 32 months ago
  • 1 point

Any reason for getting 2 different ram sticks?

  • 32 months ago
  • 1 point

Had 1 stick and decided to get a second, just bought what was available without a heatsink.