Easily pushes 60FPS on BF3 at 1920x1080 on Ultra settings. I had the 2500k overclocked and stable at 4.7GHz, but saw no real world difference so it's been downclocked and undervolted to 4.4GHz.

XFX 5850 cards have been flashed with MSI 5870 BIOS to enable a higher clock rate and voltage from factory specs. They have been 100% reliable with this BIOS.

I'm using Gamesave Manager and it's built-in Steam Spreader to move games back and forth from my Western Digital to my OCZ drives. Prices paid were much lower than shown here. I pieced his build together over the course of a year or so buying things when they were on sale. Next upgrade is to replace the OCZ SSD with a larger Samsung 840 SSD of 256GB when the prices drop a bit farther.


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great build a little old though

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This build is so classic.

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Lol, i have that Vizio TV, but the composite/component inputs died, all 3 HDMI inputs still work though.