First PC I have built, have been using this for a few months without any problems. Has just enough power to run most games smoothly at 1080p 75hz. Overall satisfied with my build and only had some minor issues with the case, every other part has worked just fine. My originally intended build would have been under $600 but I ended up buying a more expensive motherboard because I required wifi for my build.

Part Reviews


Works just as advertised.

Video Card

Works just fine for 1080p 60hz gaming. This card has somewhat loud coil whine when starting any processor heavy software but it's not noticeable when using headphones.


The case body is solidly constructed and it comes with a good quality glass side panel that is well integrated into the case. However the smaller aspects of this case are subpar. One of the standoff screws is misaligned and could not be screwed into the motherboard, another standoff screw had to be replaced due to poor threading (the case comes with an extra screw however). The front IO ports are of low quality and are weirdly tight, requiring some force to plug anything in. The ports noticeably sag into the case housing when plugging anything in which makes me question how securely attached they are. The audio port in particular is terrible, and has noticeable audio distortion that requires adjustments of the jack to fix. While this isn't a bad case, I don't recommend this if you plan on using the front IO ports.


Overall decent color quality, however this monitor comes with a default level of sharpness that doesn't seem to be adjustable in the settings. Uses HDMI and VGA ports that are connected to the stand, which is comparatively bulky and really clashes with the slim and elegant design of the screen. Monitor is not VESA compatible and is only usable with the stand that comes attached.


Bought this keyboard on sale for $85 and I don't recommend buying this keyboard at full price. Overall build quality is good, the speed switches are smooth and responsive, and the RGB lighting is decent, however this keyboard has several glaring issues that makes it difficult to recommend. Corsair keyboards are known to have a non-standard bottom row that are unable to be swapped out with third party key caps, this might not seem like a problem if you have no intention of swapping them out, however the proprietary keys in particular are pretty terrible, and Corsair does not sell different key caps or stabilizers to fix this.

The space bar that comes with this keyboard has a textured feel to it that is unpleasant to use. The bottom keys are sloped inwards, with the edge facing towards you angled upwards in a way that causes your thumb to scrape against the edge. This sloped angle combined with the rough texture on the space bar makes it almost painful to use.

Corsair also uses proprietary stabilizers that can't be replaced and are of low quality. The stabilizers aren't a problem for general typing usage, but when gaming they cause the shift key to have a very mushy and unresponsive feel.

The keyboard also comes with an attachable wrist rest and extra textured WASD and QWER keys meant for gaming. The wrist rest has a mediocre plastic build and has a slightly sticky and rough feel. The extra gaming keys are raised upwards to a ridiculous degree (almost twice the height of the regular keys) and are just plain unusable. The raised keys get in the way and prevent you from comfortably using any of the surrounding keys and they stick out like a sore thumb, which defeats the point of having a low profile keyboard.

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  • 1 month ago
  • 3 points

You could work on the cable management.

  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point

I agree. This case has great cable management options. Nice build, just needs a little cleanup.

  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point

cable management cable management! also you shouldn't get a mobo just because it has wifi. you can buy a pcie wifi card for cheaper it will usually perform better

  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point

cable management needs to be sorted but other than that it's cool