I've been threatening to build myself a gaming PC for several years and I finally got around to doing it. This is actually my first build. While I've never been afraid to open up a tower and work inside of it I've never built a PC from the ground up. Originally this was going to be a Skylake build, but with the warping problems and the low Christmas availability of the 6700k I figured why not indulge a little and get a 5820k. The enthusiast grade platform always has a good shelf-life.

This is going to be used for gaming, music, and audio recording/editing. I'll be using mechanical drives for raw data that really doesn't to be accessed by flash. I'll be using two Western Digital Black drives for redundancy. The build went smooth. If I was going to do it again I would've done things in a slightly different order because I had to wrestle with my AIO more than I should've.

The Asus GTX 970 STRIX is actually far surpassing my expectations as far as performance is concerned. I built this with future upgrades in mind. Nvidia's Pascal and Volta architecture around the corner I didn't see the point of an SLi setup at this juncture. In a couple of years I'll most likely do a hefty upgrade in the video department. The display is only 1080p with a 60hz refresh rate so there isn't much to push for now. I really have fallen in love with the way 21:9 looks so I'll be upgrading based on the display I'll choose further down the line.

The only issues I've had are related to flashing the bios on the motherboard. The process that eventually worked for me isn't in writing anywhere on the internet. I felt like Scooby and the crew searching the interwebs for clues. Much of my problem could very well have been the file becoming corrupted when being copied to the flash drive.

Immediate upgrades in the near future: 4x Noctua NF-A14 iPPC 2000 PWM for case and radiator 2x Western Digital Black HDDS (capacity to be determined by cost per gig) DemciFlex case filters for top and rear of Fractal Design Define R5

**PS - I'm new to building and I'm a little clueless on overclocking CPUs. If you know a good source for some info on how to dive in let me know in the comments.


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I'm going to build something like this for my first try though I'm building on an x99. If it comes out half as good looking as this I'll be very happy.

One thing I'm concerned about is airflow.

Didn't want to put my rad up top as I wanted it closed up there due to dust concerns and I imagine it must defeat the purpose of having a silent case but now I'm thinking perhaps it is the best place for it.

Thing is, there doesn't seem to be a great place for it.

Put it on the front as an intake and you are bringing in warm air into the case by passing it over the radiator.
Put it on top as an exhaust and you are trying to cool the rad with warm case air.

Some people are having problems fitting the 280mm rad up top so they remove the IO shield from the mobo & sand down a fan's casing for the rear. I see you just left out a rear fan. Wonder if that keeps everything cool enough.

I'm thinking now I should have got the 240mm AIO cooler.

Might be good to have a slim 120mm intake fan on the rear so the rad gets some of that.

Wish Fractal made a good dust cover for the top.

Anyway, just watched this good over-clocking guide but it's for an i7-6800