Snyderbl's First Hackintosh


My last computer was an aluminum unibody Macbook from 2008. It served me well through 4 years of college but I've grown tired of it's slow speeds and heat/battery issues. I knew I wanted to go for a desktop setup but I didn't want to fork over $2k for another Apple product. I've grown fond of Mac OSX though so I knew I wanted to build something that could run 10.8 Mountain Lion.

I don't do anything serious with my computer; I mostly plan to use it for email, youtube, and casual gaming on medium settings. I did a bunch of research on and various other sites and decided on building a mATX Hackintosh. I wanted something small but not mITX tiny. mATX also allows me to expand a little more in the future (one of the selling points of building a hack over buying an iMac).


Unibeast/Multibeast made installation a breeze once I had everything together. I had to mess with a few of the boot.plist and BIOS settings to get everything to function normally but answers to my questions were easy to find on the tonymacx86 forums.

Still having some issues with Sleep (can't wake by USB & no signal to monitor on wake) but I'm sure I'll find the fix soon.

EDIT: Messed with my darkwake=0/1 settings, sleep works perfectly now.

Current Parts:
  • CPU: I wanted a quad-core that could run OSX natively. Chose 3570k so I could toy around with OC when I'm ready.

  • COOLER: (6Aug13) Received the H50 as a gift; it's nothing crazy fancy but it works great and was really easy to install.

  • MOTHERBOARD: Cheapest mATX z77 board at the time of my search. I don't need any specific features so price drove my choice.

  • MEMORY: Corsair's Vengeance line is recommended by everyone and their brother. 8GB is just a reasonable amount of ram and I liked the look of the LP over the goofy-looking heat spreader.

  • STORAGE: I bought the Vertex 4 a while ago as a replacement drive for my Macbook. It was on sale at the time and I don't think the Samsung 840 had come out yet. (6Aug13) Also recently bought a 320 GB WD Scorpio Black to use as a Windows 7 partition.

  • NETWORK: recommended the TP-LINK wireless card but I did a little research and found out Rosewill made the same card for cheaper. I don't ever plan on going to ethernet so I wanted a decent adapter.

  • CASE: While I didn't want a mITX mobo, I did want to keep my system relatively small. 16" was my max height and the Line-M still gives me plenty of room to play with in the future when I want to get a CPU cooler or discrete GPU.

  • PSU: Corsair's 430W went on sale for $19 when I first started doing research into building a PC. Again, I don't need a lot of juice for my basic needs so I jumped on the deal.

Wish List:
  • Noctua NF-F12 PWM: I really just want to say I have a Noctua product somewhere in my case. I figure I can replace the stock case fan make things ever more quiet.

  • Geforce 650 Ti Boost 2GB: Just a decent discrete GPU to help run games a little smoother. Native OSX support is nice, just waiting to find the right sale.

  • Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter: For when I want to set up my old Apple Trackpad.

  • Samsung 840 (120GB): Turns out I fried my old original HDD from my macbook so now I don't have a drive for my Win7 partition. I'm in no rush to get this set up but eventually I will want to get back all my old PC games.

  • 3.5" HDD Storage (2-3TB): I have a LOT of old family photos and home videos just lying around in various external hard drives. I'd like to consolidate the whole mess into one drive and begin uploading everything to Flickr. Coming from a small laptop drive, it would be nice to not have to worry about how much storage space I have.


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Now that you have had this for a while, What do you think of the motherboard? I'm thinking of snagging this for my hackintosh and moving away from ATX.

  • 66 months ago
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Absolutely still recommend this motherboard. It's been flawless ever since I first made this build. I've done a full swap into a new case and have created a few linux drives for a friend with no issues from the mobo. The smaller form factor is great if you don't need dual GPUs or other bulky items and the Z77MA-G45 plays nicely with my hackintosh.

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I just bought and installed a refurb of the board and I've gotta say it is quite excellent. It booted my Yosemite install from my previous board flawlessly and only required a reinstall of the audio driver. Finally bought an mATX case for it and i'm excited to see how it looks after!